If I Only Had A Gun

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Guns are not the answer to solving today's social and economic problems, contrary to what many Republicans keep touting.

If I Only Had A Gun

There comes a time in everyone's life where a regret surfaces in conscious thought. Many a time though it is not just one regret either. The choices we make are mostly based on past experiences and or education. Then there are those decisions where choices made on a whim, spur of the moment, or an overwhelming desire for something or someone. A lust if you will that places passion over reason. It is these decisions where the choices made many a time are the ones we regret. Not to say lust is all bad but when that lust turns into aggression acted through to obtain an object of desire when you know that object is not rightfully yours or that person may not be so willing to be the object of your affection are the many instances of regret.

There are few today though, how many we can not say but the decisions they make or have made to them are not regrettable at all. The sincerity of their persona with the decisions made many a time have now made the world ablaze. When we have Republican Presidential contenders envision a world full of terror when in their consciousness they state that weaponry in the hands of those who are victims would somehow prevent many of the atrocities we are seeing today. With no remorse or regret we all should be armed to stop the aggression where hate and lust combine that has now crept into the minds of those intent on carrying out their heinous intentions is the intent of many office seekers today.

When Lenard Pitts but it this way paraphrasing the song If I only had a brain from the Wizard of Oz symbolizes what many of our Republican political candidates actually think and would support laws based on their concepts. "When a man's an empty holster, no courage does he bolster. No confidence is won. What a difference he'd be makin', he could finally stop his quakin' if he only had a gun. He could stand a little straighter with that ultimate persuader, And wouldn't that be fun? He could put an end to static with a semiautomatic if he only had a gun. Can't you see how it would be? Woe would avoid his door. The crazy guy would pass him by Or else he'd shoot and shoot some more. Oh the shootin he'd be doing with all the ballyhooin' The way the folks would run. His life would be so merry in a world of open carry if he only had a gun." Not so funny if you really think about it.

Today, with the Republican mindset so poised to openly clarify that having a weapon the choices they make had they been unarmed when being a victim of violent aggression are to blame for their predicament and therefore regret if I only had a gun. When so many of our Republicans are now following the bandwagon on gun control with all the claims that events in history could have been avoided if I only had a gun stretches the imagination just a bit too far. But, the basis of such claims are fueled by the publics outcry of all the violence that has taken hold of much of our society today. Instead of tackling the problems that manifested open armed aggression the answers are not just if I only had a gun.

With so much inequality today where the unemployment rate is well above what is being reported and in many area's around the country as well as around the world, unemployment is the number one cause of so much instability. It is this instability which too often leads to violent unrest. If I only had a gun would only exasperate the existing instability. It is like states to solve budget shortfalls too often state let's have another lottery instead of putting policies in place to spur economic growth through more good paying employment opportunities. All a lottery does mostly is impact the poor where they can least afford to buy lottery tickets. But, that is the rational that has existed for years by our elected officials. And, now when they tout gun control where if I only had a gun would somehow miraculously halt the increasing violence is just another way of avoiding the real issues at the root of why there is so much violent upheaval today.

If I only had a gun. That may work in novels and movies where vigilantes roam the streets seeking what is referred to as street justice as their way of solving problems but not in society today. To have Presidential candidates continue to refer that if I only had a gun would stop one from becoming an unwilling victim is not the answer to solving the root causes as to why people act through violent means to pursue agendas that are so contrary to basic civil society. We must have an open dialogue that exposes the real problems that have made this world that much more violent and not just simply state that I only had a gun would solve humanities problems.


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23rd Oct 2015 (#)

Unfortunately, logic and reason are early casualties when emotion enters the debate, and the gun control issue is a prime example.

It is very difficult to get a sensible discussion going on this issue - mainly because many of the people on the "no control" side might as well be singing the original version of the parody song you quoted!

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