Impeach---Goddamit,let's find something to impeach him on.......What?

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The hatred manifests it self-It seems like the Republicans have been on a quest to impeach Obama from day one and they are going after this relentlessly.

Impeach -Goddamit, let's find something to impeach him for.......What?

This may be difficult for one to grasp but seven weeks into Obama's presidency "Savage Nation" sounded the cry for his impeachment ,and so nine months into the first term a website to "impeach Obama" was created. And thus emerged reasons for impeachment that borders on the ridiculous. Let's have a look at some samples.
Newt Gingrich -Impeach him over the Defense Of Marriage Act
Tim Welberg -Impeach him as a means to get his real birth certificate
Rep Michael Burgess -In response to one of his attendees in a town hall meeting, didn't mind pursuing such a course as impeaching him for pushing his agenda.
Then there are others who couldn't figure out what to impeach him on, and so decided to throw everything they could think about ,at him. Let's impeach him over guns, cap and trade,impeach him or there will be turbo nuclear war with Russia, impeach him over the debt ceiling, over "fast and furious", Benghazi and going to war with Libya even though guys like John Mccain and other Republicans was the chief proponents of the Libya intervention.
Obviously, all this frivolous claims did not stick since they are not valid. This is the reason why there are now "fresh" cries for impeachment -IRS,DOJ and the press and of course, once again Benghazi.


Impeach, Impeachment Trials

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
4th Jun 2013 (#)

The elected president should be allowed to deliver on his agenda based on which he was elected. That is the meaning of democracy - siva

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author avatar @shayrystal
5th Jun 2013 (#)

I totally agree with the Sivaramakrishnan and the author of this article if a leader was elected fairly and legally then he should be allowed to execute his portfolio America needs to focus on their country and their real issues like the economy.

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author avatar Josie
9th Jun 2013 (#)

Cries for Obama's impeachment are only ploys to distract him and the masses from the serious issues at stake.

I do not have the asnwer and I certainly do not think that any of the other systems - communism- etc are the order of the order of the day, but Democracy as we know it does not and is not working. It could work but it is not working for America. And that is what's going to be America's downfall. The Republicans and the Democrats and independents ought to support courses of actions that are beneficial to the country as a whole. Not only the agenda of a special interest group. Nor should one party disagree on prinicple but becasue they want to be spitefull and recalcitrant. There should eb no brownie points for recalcitrant behaviors.

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author avatar Marco Demasi
9th Jun 2013 (#)

At the end of the day the republicans have to come to a conclusive understanding that America is turning more and more into a liberal state...

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