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The dreams we have reflect our day to day existence.

In Dreams

In the dreams of many one is carried away to a land of enchantment and wonder. Then again there are many a night where one dreams of misfortune and woe. It is those most trouble some nights when we suddenly wake up and realize that the world has indeed changed. For the fortunate few who have weathered the storms of life the dreams they have might just include fantasies of one form or another. In playing out a role in these types of dreams one is whisked away to places that may have had an actual influence in the life they have led.

Today, though the world has indeed changed for many, and not for the better either. Could it be a testament to the inadequacies of the human behavior? Where leaders have placed themselves high above the order of the rest of their people. Where the rule of law is solely written for their benefit. The dreams of so many have been not only subdued but totally vanquished by the rule of law.

It is a very sad commentary when a half century ago the dreams of many were actually fulfilled. The wonderment and elation that so often followed was a remarkable turn of fortunes for so many so long ago. As we passed into the second decade and soon to enter the third in the 21st century the inadequacies of few have continued to place the world where the dreams we have are, on one hand a respite from the harsh realities of ones day to day existence. On the other hand, the realities of our existence have turned dreams into nightmares.

When we are young childhood dreams are so often filled with adventure. The role playing we did as children so often carried over into the dreams they have. Fifty years ago many a child had wonderful meaningful dreams and woke up many a time still remembering some of their adventures. I for one as a youngster remember with great fondness a reoccurring dream. A romantic I was, even at the tender age of 11. I consider myself fortunate indeed to have great memories of my youth where my dreams represented the wholesome goodness that surrounded my entire childhood. How many people in the world today can say that?

With all the wonders of technology, medicine, and science there still is the barbarian side of humanity provoking tremors of terror all around the world. The existence of now has made so many dreams evaporate. When children even right here in the United States go to bed hungry, or worse yet have no bed at all their dreams would often take them to a far away place or most likely scare the hell out of us if we could live in their dreams.

Many are frustrated with the way things are. Where the joy of living has ceased to exist for so many. Where peace and harmony have yet to find themselves in the mass of humanity. An utopia of existence where dreams can be fulfilled. Where people still have their differences but coexist in the fellowship of man. This has to be one of the biggest goals of mankind.

To dream an seemly impossible dream should not be impossible and yet for so many it is. The reality of the world is still a far cry from where it should be. In order to change the world where dreams can come true there has to be like minded thinkers and leaders in place willing to take positive action to end the inequality that has been allowed to fester open wounds in every sector of societies. This is by no means an easy task but we must take that first step so that our dreams won't become nightmares.

As for my childhood I often remember I went to bed and expected the sandman to send a dream. In my case it was every summer that reoccurring dream I had when I fell asleep was about a girl who in reality was very much like my childhood sweetheart at Lake Geneva. So dreams do in many ways reflect upon the day to day experiences one lives through. In this troubled world dreams do coincide with the harsh realities whether we live in the Mid-East, or witnessed mass shootings in the case of Parkland or Columbine. These nightmares have to end and there are ways to do so. The world can be a most beautiful and wondrous place and yet we still live in a most hostile time.


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