Incompetence, greed of security, intelligence agencies lead to terrorist attack in India

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A look at how the incompetence and lack of professionalism of the top officials in security and intelligence agencies lead to the terrorist attack in India

Resources wasted for personal hatred and greed of top officials

The terrorist attack in Gurdaspur in Punjab on 27 July, 2015 was partly due to the fact that the powerful intelligence and security agencies in India instead of monitoring the border with foreign countries, waste resources and tax payer money to stalk and attack harmless civilians who they hate or are bribed by corporates to do so. While a specific case has been documented, there may be a large number of high net worth or wealthy individuals in India who may be tortured in a similar manner resulting in wastage of resources in harassing harmless civilians.

These powerful agencies operate extremely unscientifically and unprofessionally allowing the personal hatred, greed, casteism, and jealousy of the top officials determine their priorities. So if a large corporate like Google, Tata, Paypal will bribe these officials to destroy the life, health and finances of a harmless single obc woman engineer, these officials will make up completely false stories without proof to defame the innocent woman so that she can be put under surveillance 24X7 for more than 5 years wasting indian tax payer money.

Not only will the harmless woman never be given a chance to defend herself against the completely false allegations, she will be ruthlessly tortured to cause great pain, memory loss, body ache making it extremely difficult for her to do any work during the day. It appears that at least 15-20 employees being paid with tax payer money are deployed almost exclusively to monitor, harass and torture her out of hatred and greed, using the most sophisticated equipment available in the country, which allows them to remain invisible while attacking her.

Except reducing the revenues and ruining the health of the brilliant obc professional, which the corporates desire, the torture of the harmless woman does not achieve anything as she was never a security threat to the country or has ever harmed anyone . In fact the taxes she will pay are reduced to a very great extent. On the other hand, limited resources are wasted as the equipment and people should be deployed in border areas, where the chances of a real security threat to the country are far more.

NTRO officials allegedly led by J srinivasan, bribed by Google, Tata, Paypal seem to willing to stoop to the lowest level to spread the false rumors that the inexperienced lazy greedy goan sluts who sleep with top officials, obc bsc sunaina, siddhi mandrekar, brahmin frauds riddhi, nayanshree and others are webmasters, domain investors, their Btech 1993 EE classmate to justify the permanent government jobs that these goan call girls and cheaters have allegedly got in CBI and R&AW, stealing the resume of a brilliant obc engineer, webmaster, Paypal account holder and domain investor.

In reality the goan sluts obc bsc sunaina, siddhi pampered and promoted by the incompetent sex starved indian intelligence and security agencies do no work online, yet are getting a salary only for offering sex bribes to powerful officials in these agencies. In return these officials are falsely claiming that their darling sluts and cheaters are doing all the work online to justify the salary the sluts and call girls are getting. They are monitoring the real webmaster with the most sophisticated equipment so that they can make false claims and ruthlessly attack the brilliant obc engineer, webmaster who actually owns the online business to cause great pain. Actual national security matters are secondary to the lust of these officials for call girls and cheaters

However, the security and intelligence agencies in India lack the professionalism and honesty to analyze the problem of wastage of resources dispassionately without letting their personal prejudices,lust, greed and hatred affect their judgement. For example if large corporates have managed to get a job for their mediocre lazy greedy relatives and friends, stealing the resume of a brilliant obc engineers, these officials are obliged to do whatever these corporates demand like torturing the harmless single woman for years, ignoring the real demands for better security at international borders.


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author avatar M G Singh
29th Jul 2015 (#)

I don't think you are aware how intelligences agencies work. I won't comment further on it, but remember that the most heavily guarded man is the US President and Ronald Reagan received 2 bullets in Singapore and Kennedy was shot dead.

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author avatar Niche
30th Jul 2015 (#)

In India security and intelligence agencies waste resources on harassing harmless persons out of hatred, casteism and greed.

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author avatar Niche
30th Jul 2015 (#)

In India security and intelligence agencies waste resources on harassing harmless persons out of hatred, casteism and greed.

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