Indian Woman Divorces Husband For not changing FB Status To "Married"

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Facebook the undisputed leader in Social media can help you make new friends and stay connected with old friends. But is there other side of the coin too? Can it break marriages or Relationships as well? Read more.

Facebook - Most Popular Site

Facebook - A place where people spend most of their Online time. It is the biggest Social networking site with over 900 million active users worldwide. It is most popular in US, Brazil and India.

  • United States with 157.3 million members
  • Brazil with 47.0 million members
  • India with 46.3 million members
  • Indonesia with 42.2 million members
  • Mexico with 33.1 million members

Facebook is second most popular site according to alexa and also the site where user spends most time online - about 2o minutes in contrast to an average time of about 10 seconds on other sites. So, facebook indeed plays an important part in our life but is it that important that it can cause divorces?

Facebook - A Possible Cause for Divorce?

Reportedly, the social networking giant has been cited in 33% of divorces worldwide

Facebook - A Name synonymous with All Online Social activities. Facebook is used by close to a billion people worldwide to stay connected with their friends. Facebook has often led to new relationships being formed and also causes rifts in many relationships. A harmless looking status update or a picture upload can often end relationships.The most common reasons for Facebook causing problems in relationships are a spouse finding flirty messages, photos of their partner at a party they did not know about or with someone they should not have been with.

Unchanged Status Update leads to Divorce

In what could be one of the first of such instances in India, a 28-year old woman from Aurangabad has filed for divorce because her husband did not change his Facebook relationship status from Single to Married. Shocking - But it is true. Facebook has option on the profile page of osers where they can set their relationship status as Single, Married, Engaged or its Complicated. The woman was married just two months ago and has approached the family court seeking divorce. In her petetion woman stated that as her husband cannot even announce their marriage on facebook, she no longer trusts him and blames Husband for having some malicious intent for not announcing his marriage. Her husband, however, says that he forgot to update his status, as he was busy with marriage and could not find the time to update the status. However, The Woman argues that as he was active on facebook during the period, his intention was never to change the status.

Facebook : Source of Depression

Well whatever be the reason, one thing is clear, the social Networking site is fast becoming a place where people need to act as they act in real world. Facebook is increasingly being used as a source of evidence in divorce cases worldwide as people unknowingly share too much information and behave quite irresponsibly online. After this incident, however people will have to pay more attention to their online behaviour and posts including their relationship status or facebook could well become a major source of Depression worldwide.

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author avatar Funom Makama
3rd Jun 2012 (#)

This is indeed hilarious... But I love the way you used the caption (Title) to attract me, just to fill your contents more with facts about facebook...... ITS AWESOME!

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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
3rd Jun 2012 (#)

Interesting info. Thank you friend for sharing!! Ha ha ha!

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author avatar ShaneCold
3rd Jun 2012 (#)

ha ha haa and i thought i had seen e'thing. Seriously, i would also double check my status updates before posting,, :)

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author avatar M G Singh
3rd Jun 2012 (#)

Funny and interesting

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author avatar Benter Adede
3rd Jun 2012 (#)

wow! very interesting!

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author avatar Ms. Ann
3rd Jun 2012 (#)

That is very funny;FB really has a tremendous impact on lives.

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author avatar Val Mills
3rd Jun 2012 (#)

If that's how she feels she should never have married the man in the first place! In this incident, I feel sorry for the man.

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author avatar Sanskriti
3rd Jun 2012 (#)

its sad and funny at the same time. i can see the future when divorces would be done by writing on other person's facebook wall

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author avatar urguide
4th Jun 2012 (#)

Interesting, though sad story.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
4th Jun 2012 (#)

Nowhere to hide for some with roving eyes! Thanks for this hilarious, yet important share, Shaunak - siva

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author avatar Sukriti
6th Jun 2012 (#)

Interesting and a bit weird

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