Indian internet companies are far worse than Amazon in business practises

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Indian internet companies are far worse than Amazon, yet no one documents their atrocities, exploitation of harmless webmasters, domain investors

Amazon better than some Indian internet companies

The NY Times carried a very detailed story on the HR practices of Amazon, which provoked widespread discussion all around the world. At least Amazon will pay their employees a salary, get work experience in a very reputed company and the employee can walk away or resign from the the job if they are not satisfied. How no mainstream media organization in India has documented the terrible and shocking plight of experienced webmasters, domain investors, Paypal account holders in India, blindly believing the complete lies of powerful corrupt intelligence and security agency officials

Few know that indian internet and tech sector companies indulge in far worse practices on webmasters, domain investors who are not even their employees, and there is no way for the domain investors, webmasters to escape the daily atrocities, human rights abuses on the webmaster which cause great pain. The mainstream media in India refused to cover the daily torture, exploitation, cheating of experienced webmasters, domain investors by the dishonest powerful indian internet companies.

These fraud companies will take money from the domain investor and falsely claim that the lazy greedy goan sluts siddhi, bsc obc sunaina who sleep with top officials , brahmin cheaters riddhi,BBM nayanshree hathwar, asmita patel, veena, ruchika and others are the domain investor, to get these mediocre lazy greedy frauds lucrative jobs, allegedly in R&AW, defame and steal the resume of their customers. They will also falsely claim that the these frauds are Paypal account holders to defame the real Paypal account holder.

Additionally indian internet companies will reward all the lazy mediocre frauds who will defame or cheat, commit corporate espionage on their customers with money or fake references, stealing the resume of their customers to get the cheaters lucrative jobs allegedly in R&AW. This will make it extremely difficult for experienced webmasters to hire or trust anyone as these internet companies are repeatedly rewarding and protecting cheaters. The bengaluru police will refuse to take action against the cheaters though the webmaster has provided proof, because powerful officials and companies t.

Though these companies and top officials will shamelessly misuse the name of the experienced webmaster, domain investor and paypal account holder, without her knowledge, they will intentionally deny information and opportunities to the webmaster, domain investor, forcing the investor and domain investor to make expensive mistakes. When the webmaster and domain investor will try to contact the officials to find out the extent of the mess created, resume theft, these officials will conveniently refuse to reply.

What right does a security or intelligence agency official or company have to steal the resume of a person he has not communicated with for years, faking concern to mislead people. Just because he has acted convincingly, duped people why should an experienced engineer tolerate the exploitation for the rest of her life . Why do the mediocre lazy greedy friends and relatives of powerful corrupt officials acquire impressive resumes overnight, why dont these mediocre lazy women have to work for their engineering degree and experience. The domain investor, webmaster and Paypal account holder will also find that her correspondence is diverted and stolen by the frauds who are faking her resume,

Indian intelligence agencies like CBI, R&AW and NTRO cannot be held accountable by their victims, harmless innocent indian citizens, for abuse of power, misuse of name, human rights abuses, sexual harassment. These agencies are free to make up completely false stories without proof to justify their atrocities on a harmless civilian for years, wasting indian tax payer money.These officials do not have proof to send a written notice to the person they are exploiting, torturing ruthlessly, yet they remain unquestioned and unpunished.

So instead of covering Amazon where employees can leave if they choose, the media should cover the indian internet sector, where the harmless domain investors, webmasters and Paypal account holders find that there is no way they can escape the daily atrocities, cheating, exploitation they are subjected to, by the all the powerful officials and companies, who lack ethics and humanity, wasting indian tax payer money


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