Intelligence and security agencies responsible for intolerance in India

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The real reason why indian society today is becoming intolerant and irrational which the mainstream media has been ignoring

Intolerant officials allowed to abuse their powers for personal gain or hatred

There is a general consensus that Indian society has become extremely intolerant especially in the last 6 years and it is not related to the political party in power. Though people are protesting loudly now, the process had started 5 years ago. This clearly indicated that it is the intelligence and security agencies in India who are responsible for the intolerance in Indian society, not the politicians who can be voted out of power every 5 years or less.

The intelligence and security officials who are responsible for the intolerance remain hidden in offices and cannot be held accountable for their abuse of power for personal gain, greed or hatred to destroy the life of a person who they hate. These officials are extremely arrogant, casteist, ignorant and not willing to admit their mistake. Many of these upper caste officials are Brahmins who treat other Indians as second class citizens or worse like animals with no right to privacy or to earn a fair living.

These officials are cunning enough to make false claims of national security or black money so that their repeated abuse of power will not be questioned . After 5 years of intensive surveillance of a harmless single woman engineer accused of being a security threat and having black money, these fraud officials cannot any proof to support their malicious false allegations. Yet these malicious officials who are blinded by their jealousy and hatred continue to divert her correspondence, including phone calls,smses to at least 8 lazy greedy frauds who these officials falsely claim have the impressive resume of the engineer

The latest technology like mass surveillance of laptops, mind reading equipment and directed energy weapons which allow invisible attack on harmless civilians has been extensively misused by these officials to destroy the life of whistleblowers or anyone who will pose a threat to these officials. If this technology was not available in India these cruel cowardly officials would not be able to cause so much harm to innocent civilians as they do not have the honesty or courage to physically assault a harmless civilian and face legal action.

The media has been highlighting the intolerance yet few media outlets are covering the technologies which allow the officials who are creating problems for Indian citizens, torturing them to remain hidden and unquestioned


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