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On Thursday, the international press writes about Google's new authentication system, covers methods of agitation of the "Islamic state", as well as reflect on the agreements after the liberation of Hope Savchenko.

The end of the era of passwords?

Google launches testing authorization system that should replace the traditional passwords, reports The Independent .

This program is based on "trust system" to track user and how he use the phone.

The new system will be tied to smartphones and constantly check a certain set of personal indicators, and give access to the accounts and the actual phone.

"Instead of having to ask for a password, the phone is able to analyze your face, the voice, the way you are typing a message, turn the pages, movement and place of residence" - the newspaper said.

All this information is stored in a special program and generates a "confidence code" which determines the probability of exactly what you use your phone.

Google has offered an innovation to enhance the safe use of mobile devices.

"Steal a password is easy enough, but play your way to the use of mobile devices is much more complicated", - says Independent

The program will be tested in several large financial institutions in June.

Seals and a Kalashnikov

Seals and "Nutella" - grouping "Islamic state" weapon (ID) for the recruitment of supporters on the Internet.

ID uses a theme with images of furry pets and popular chocolate paste to attract to their ranks of potential jihadists, reports Daily Telegraph quoted US Gen. John Carlin.

And some videos jihadists posing with kittens in one hand and a Kalashnikov in the other.

In addition, followers of the ID is placed in the network blurred photos on which they are handing out sweets to children to show "peaceful life in a barbarous regime of the terrorist group" - the newspaper writes.

The general said Carlin, in the "Islamic State" has long understood that network users can easily lure these images.

"That's what they're trying to catch on the hook", - quotes the edition of General.

During his visit to Britain and meeting with colleagues in the field of national security, John Carlin noted that the ID has changed focus from fighting in Syria and Iraq to the radicalization of young people through the Internet and encouraging them to attacks in European countries.

Therefore, according to the general Carlin, the main task for today should be the prevention of youth radicalization, the paper concludes.

Exchange as a guarantee of progress

Resonant exchange between Kiev and Moscow hopes on the Russians Yevgeny Savchenko and Alexander Yerofeyev Alexandrova can facilitate the negotiation process to resolve the conflict in the east of Ukraine, suggests International, the New York the Times .

"As for the exchange of key questions that arise around the conflict", - says the publication.

The article says that within two years of conflict in the Donbas Russia refused to recognize their participation in it, including denied the presence of its troops and equipment on the Ukrainian territory.

Are there any other arrangements?

The Russian newspaper " Vedomosti " also sees an opportunity to exchange progress in resolving the situation in Donbas, but does not believe that this event can be called a "breakthrough" in relations between Russia and Ukraine.

Ukraine has received a hero, and Russia - the two obscure men, from whom she had officially vÑ–dhrestilasyaGazeta "Vdomosti" (RF)

Edition publishes a front-page editorial article in which he notes that the exchange of looks unequal. "

"Ukraine has received a hero, and Russia - the two obscure men, from whom she had officially disown" - explains newspaper.

However, this does not change the essence of what happened.

"This exchange, or has become a result of the agreements, which are aimed ultimately at resolving the situation in the south-east of Ukraine, or makes such an agreement possible", - says the article.

The paper highlights the fact that the exchange of, firstly, the "de facto evidence that Russia admits its involvement in the conflict," and secondly, "formalizes one of the necessary communication mechanisms confrontation between the parties."

The publication also suggests a possible acceleration in moving cases other candidates on the exchange, which are at both sides.

As to a possible easing of sanctions against the Russian newspaper skeptical and notes that a realistic deadline for this - 2017.

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