Into The Savage Jungle

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What is needed to eradicate the most horrific terrorist groups that continue to attack civil society.

Into The Savage Jungle

As the world spins out of control where savage factions reign terror through-out the globe humanity is drawn into the savage jungle once more. For the past few decades insurgents have systematically and ruthlessly attack civil societies. The savage brutality in random assaults displaying an utter contempt for the sanctity of life is so apparent with every atrocity committed.

Into a realm of reality we'd thought we never enter again where savage brutal atrocities committed has uprooted civil societies. A most sobering question has now arisen. In retaliation are we about to become as savage as those perpetrators of barbaric evil? It may come to pass to vanquish this evil that has been unleashed upon civil societies we may be forced to be almost as brutal in reprisals to eradicate this evil menace that now threatens societies very own existence. An evil that has brought the world almost to it's knees with a savagery reminiscent of Tamerlane. Not since World War II has such evil intent been unleashed.

Whether it is home grown terrorism, remember Oklahoma City or international terrorist groups of 9/11 the ugly head of terror has now risen again. Into the savage jungle where horrific carnage has forced civil societies back in. What the United States and other industrialized nations should have been doing ever since 9/11 was not being done. As a consequence radical Islamic extremists now have the capability to strike terror anywhere in the world without warning. The stealthness to which they are capable of carry out their heinous evil intentions is a testament to not only our lack of resolve but other nations whose apathy is only waved when terror strikes home.

As we head back into the savage jungle where mayhem, terror and war are in play we find it necessary that to eradicate the most recent malignant scourge of man we are now forced to become the inflictor of terror ourselves. Least we not forget when terror and war is forced upon civil societies there has to be a quick decisive recourse to cut off the evil head of that terror. Something that has yet to be done.

History is an invaluable resource for we should always remember the remarks of General Mac Arthur in his farewell address to Congress. Here he stated "that once war is forced upon us there is no other alternative than to apply every available means to bring it to a swift end. War's very objective is victory, not prolonged indecision." The course of action now is simple. The biggest hurdle is forging an international coalition not only of Western allies but Islamic nations as well. With coordinating efforts we have the resources needed and that includes tracking Internet transmissions to their source, tracing supply lines that feed Islamic factions the weaponry and other essentials that make it possible for them to continue their attacks to their source, and locating financial assets from known supporters and sponsors. Once we locate these sources that make it possible for those radical extremist Islamic factions to wage these assaults on society we then can eliminate them. The ultimate aim of eradicating this scourge of humanity will finally be realized.

The other major consideration that was not done when the United States sent our armed forces in harms way ever since Vietnam was having the urgent necessary contingencies in place to take care of our returning service men and women. As a result our Veterans Administration was totally unprepared, ill equipped and understaffed to handle the men and women returning from the front lines. Before we send our armed forces for any military engagement it is vital that we have in place the means, the availability, and the resources to adequately and expediently take care of our returning service men and women. They are the ones who directly put their lives on the line and bare the burden of securing that there is a future for us all.

We have before us the availability and the capability with a united effort to purge from our existence a most malignant scourge that has managed to infiltrate and render terror at will to every country around the world. But, it can only be done with the resolve of every civil society. To remain apathetic any longer is a prelude to returning into that savage jungle.


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