Irate nurse to undergo investigation for sealing baby’s mouth shut with tape for crying too much

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Nurses should not do things outside of their official function. Even if distracted or offended, they must learn to temper feelings or keep cool so as not to commit blunders as they perform their tasks.

Nurse allegedly sealed baby's lips with tape

Joy Montero of ABS-CBN News Central Visayas reported as of May 12 that one Ryan Noval saw through his partner Jasmine Badocdoc that a nurse taped their newborn son’s lips in a nursery room at the Cebu Puericulture Center and Maternity House, Inc. in Cebu City. Noval told reporter Montero that his wife discovered the unusual incident on Friday, Mwy 9 when she paid a visit to the hospital’s nursery.
Perhaps to provide proof that they are not lying, Noval decided to take pictures of his newborn son with the lips still sealed with the tape. Then he opened his facebook account and uploaded therein 4 images of his baby. Not long after, FB users one after the other, noticed the unusual baby until it gets viral.

Dad took pictures of son with mouth sealed and posted 4 in facebook

Noval captioned his post in his FB account this way: “My son cannot speak for himself about this sad and unusual treatment from a nurse who is supposed to render him tender and loving care, so we have to speak out for him.”
Noval said the nurse in question told his wife that she was forced to tape her baby’s lips because he was crying non-stop and was already creating too much noise. The helpless baby had wet his diaper and was upset. Baby Yohannes Noval was born on May 3 but was to stay a few days in the hospital due to infection at birth, said Noval in his FB account.
Noval’s wife requested the said nurse to remove the tape, but the latter simply replied back, saying you can remove it yourself ma’am. Nurse gave in and remove the tape, ripping off some of the baby's soft lip skin as she pulled off the sticky strip.

Nurse faces probe; tips on how to stop crying babies

Complaint relative to the issue has already been filed by the plaintiff couple versus the nurse, but they were told to wait for the result of the investigation
An authority from the hospital told ABS-CBN News that the investigation was still on-going and the head nurse was out on her day off.
Source: Nurse covers noisy baby's mouth with tape, here

  • Nurse in Cebu hospital gagged newborn baby's mouth for crying too much.
  • Ryan Noval (r) shows his child's picture with mouth taped inside a maternity hospital in Cebu. With him is his live-in partner Jasmine Badocdoc (l) and their 2-year-old daughter. The couple posted 4 photos on Facebook and attracted the attention of netizens. (Sun Star Foto, Amper CampaÑa)
  • Cebu Puericulture Center and Maternity House, Inc.

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    author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
    14th May 2014 (#)

    hope she's punish, what a bastard!

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    author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
    14th May 2014 (#)

    A newborn baby is so vulnerable and could have even suffocated. Babies crying is normal and nurses should know how to take care of them than resorting to this inhuman method. I read this in newspapers too, thanks Radomes - siva

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    author avatar C.D. Moore
    14th May 2014 (#)

    This person obviously is not suited to nursing. She is lucky the baby didn't die as Siva said.

    Reply to this comment

    author avatar pohtiongho
    15th May 2014 (#)

    She needs psychiatric help.

    Reply to this comment

    author avatar n.c.radomes
    14th May 2014 (#)

    JOHNNYDOD, For helping pluck the star and the moderation job, thanks a lot.
    FERN, Her conscience maybe bothering her now and a reprimand and more if need be.
    SIVA, Even dads, granddads, grandmas, etc. will never do the same, how much more for a trained nurse. She should have asked the question about it while in college.
    CD MOORE, I go with your observation. She lacks patience and correct understanding of babies. The baby is okay. God bless!

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    author avatar Retired
    15th May 2014 (#)

    What kind of person would tape a newborns mouth shut? Stories like this make me wonder how some people become nurses.

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