Iron Mountain Revisited

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The book written by experts in the early 60s is re examined to see how far the elites have implemented the edicts and what still needs to be done…

The Iron Mountain agenda fulfilled

After reading Iron mountain, I must say I still had my doubts, because why would any government want to lead a group of people so far astray?? just for money, greed power??

And so my undertaking was to consider each edict, identify the problem and see if there was a solution, or an imposition...or how far the Government has actually gone to implement the solutions devised by 'so called' experts.

The book includes the claim it was authored by a Special Study Group of fifteen men whose identities were to remain secret and that it was not intended to be made public. It details the analyses of a government panel which concludes that war, or a credible substitute for war, is necessary if governments are to maintain power over vast groups of people.

Let's first look at what was written in Iron was an essay on how to herd a great minion of sheeple, how to conduct the affairs of men without their knowledge or say-so. A great hidden agenda that was supposed to be a great leap for the greater good.

First and foremost was how to have population control if there is no war, and how to still profit from peacetime if there is none of the violent destruction of Wartime.

The advice given was that there should be population control in the way of abortions, blood sports and weather modification that could cause catastrophic weather events.

Not long after the book came out, Abortion became legal and has now killed over 37 million fetuses in the United States...a very good way to control the population...this was part and parcel to the feminist movement, making women believe that they had a choice to either give birth or to kill the fetus. So murder became legal plain and simple...

of course men have to kill black ops was created to perform incredible killing feats, like serial murder, and more evil tactics like the twin towers coming down, or Waco Texas, where David Quaresh, a child slave and child sex porn seller, was taken out by the government...up until that time companies like Baylor University, and Franklin Holdings, Howell himself, and the US Air force ran an underground slave camp for children.... little children taken from Canada and Australia and brought through the US air force en-route to the Vatican And England...Franklin holdings is owned by Warren Buffet, and The Howells the richest oil barons in Texas. in fact before the government special forces killed all the children who could witness against major people in the government, they first went in and bombed all of the tunnels so no one would see that they were built to extend to Waco airport where the U S air force was, or to Baylor University... So Blood sports became important and false flag attacks by black ops was created to keep the people in a state of perpetual fear...even the idea of Terrorism was born on Iron Mountain...The world trade center bombing was one such black ops, so was Ruby Ridge, and the Boston Marathon, so we can say that The experts at Iron Mountain implemented these ways of peace through bloodsports extremely well. Don't forget the murderers, John Wayne Gayce, Bundy, Wayne Williams, or Jeffrey Dahmers, all taught to kill by the CIA...

Then we have the hoax of Climate change...the warming up of the globe, when in actuality, it is the flipping of the earth that is gonna happen...The need to control the weather so as to create a time of peace and prosperity, probably not as American people want it...the use and creation of HAARP was for the destruction first of Vietnam, and it created havoc, floods, hurricanes, cyclones mudslides, all the affects of a major weather disaster without the people knowing it was all man-made. I'm sure this made Genghis Khan roll over in his grave.

So the experts agreed that in order to have peace and prosperity, we must be able to have weather modification to create F5 tornadoes, Hurricanes of monstrous proportions, earthquakes in diverse places, the destruction of facilities and bridges and homes, makes the economic outlook after such events so much brighter, so HAARP is being used for peacetime activities, like mudslides, and the flooding of rivers and the destruction of homes and kill is never really that high always less than a few hundred people...

Now on to wasting different technologies and keep money flowing in at a certain rate...NASA was created, never with the real intent of going to the moon, but the experts agreed that we needed to be attacked from outside the earth to make everyone come together as a whole humanity...therefore NASA was created so that we could explore space and go to the moon, but mostly to waste A lot of money...we can't say that aliens are invading, if we can't get off this tiny planet (which we have not done) although people in the government are very good liars...but William Shatner went to Houston, during the first moon landing and he sat inside the spaceship and watched the eagle land, someone yelled, it's a done deal...and that was truly your first moon landing...A stanley Kubrick production....

The last is the most seems that the Vatican and all of science is in cahoots to bring forth an alien we can all believe in...Someone not so benevolent, but not so malevolent either...A super human, and other wordly being, that supposedly was here before us and actually was our creators...They want to create the perfect superhuman and have been working on this since the Soviet Union tried to create a super army of Chimeras, half human, half monkey to arm their military...Russian scientists actually succeeded in creating these monsters, I believe we call them Big Foot...and there might be someone some huamnzee lurking within the white house....

However the great deception is the ongoing atrocity of making men believe that we are going to be invaded from outer-space, that we are not alone, that Aliens have been here and are coming back, that the messiah will come on a space ship, all lies, just watch invasion of the body snatchers, they can only take those who are asleep!

So I would say after reading Iron Mountain, that they have indeed fulfilled all of their agendas, putting birth control medicine in GMO's, making mass amounts of sheeple drink Fluoride....the culling of the herds is ongoing, what with man-made diseases such as Aids, Cancer and Bird-flu... But this is all done for peace and prosperity is it not??? and what a great way to bring the whole earth together, an invasion from another planet, that would brings us all together.... So that will be next and the greatest of all deceptions because the intent of never denying, and never confirming UFO's is all part of the plan to bring the world together by alien invasion...another joke.

Where will these invaders really come from?? That is the question. When German archaeologists found a spaceship north of Ankara, (Right where Edgar Cayce said it would be) they reverse engineered the machine to see how it was made...They decided no human could have possibly made these machines, and yet they were made by humans....In fact they were built thousands of years ago and there are blueprints for these very machines in the Hindu Scriptures. There is nothing new under the sun...

During WWII Hitler built over 163 prototypes of spaceships to see which ones he could use as affective fact this was so secret that the German military brought the ships to Antarctica (one time this was Atlantis) and continued to develop these for military use....

So if we are invaded by a DNA spliced and diced Ariana from Alpha Centauri, it will be with German Made spaceships, and it will be manned by superior beings who created us....and the sad thing is that people are really going to believe this and why??

Ok, so no one government has come out yet and informed the world at large that et's exist, or that we are not alone, dribs and drabs from certain officials...however the powers that think they be have decided that it would have to come from the Vatican, the men who God has given his authority to, to come forward and tell the millions and millions of Christians that they have been tracking a fleet of Star war ships from Alpha Centauri, or Orion, or the Pleiades, wherever they choose to point in the infinite universe.

And...if we see them as other dimensional, what kind of soul would want to inhabit a chimera?? a super human body?? a clone of the perfect human being??? the fact is that Science and Satan have been working hand in hand, Just look at Rael, who says that babies have been cloned since the 1980's, perhaps these are taken over by demons, who have no other way into this dimension. But they are not aliens, just former incarnates that have become discarnates, trying to re-enter this crystalline formation...or the third dimension of organic form.

I would say after reading Iron Mountain and the devious plans that were put forth by these experts, that the US government has implemented all the plans they need to herd the sheeple into a new world order.


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