Is Congress Back From Recess ?

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Today many announcements were made by media about decisions made by congress and policies being implemented by the Obama administration.
Finally an aid package to help deal with the after math of Hurricane Sandy. Compromises "must be made between the two parties" on Immigration Regulations and how to deal with all ready increasing numbers of illegals adding to the the population, along with unemployment.
A budget is set for the development of a Near Earth Object Defense Program.

Help For Sandy Victoms

With out an intention of sarcasm, finally a decision for assistance.
A 50.5 Billion Package For relief of sandy victims, nearly three months after the devastation. This is just too reminiscent of New Orleans.
This situation how ever, has effected over 140 east coast cities up and down the coast.
Would it make sense with so many unemployed, construction, maintenance,and skilled trades workers; for the Congress to organize and implement a national emergency work force to start rebuilding now ?
I know there are 56,800 + in those categories registered looking for work in the state of Colorado alone.

Immigrants and Unemployment

Life in many parts south of the USA is more like a living nightmare.
How could any human not look for a better life just to survive if nothing else?

On the other hand; there are those in the same regions that have much more then many Americans, or their neighbors, that have traveled back and forth, building their wealth with US Dollars taken to a different country.

Time for balance and checks; regardless, of which party your in; elected office holder.
And while in the process, try remembering the welfare of the people who are mainly descended from immigrants them selves; just as you most likely are.
You are deciding our history; and this is now; the time to build a new future.

Asteroid Defense or Deep Space Mining ?

The Obama administration has proposed a program called the AIDA Mission to asses and investigate ways to deflect asteroids. There will be two maned space vehicles sent to take samples and measurements from selected Near Earth Objects.
There is also a NASA planned program for salvage of junk satellites to offset the cost of new ones and eliminate the danger of re entry.
With all the media commotion; about commercial companies wanting to mine the moon and asteroids, it seems they are derailing them selves; before getting started.
Would it make a difference if they tried working together?
I guess a lot of companies have taken advantage for too long.
It seams a shame, that the efforts will be decided by profit;instead of progress.
They all have to travel the same way, and do the same research, and spend three times the money; maybe the welfare of mankind only rates 30% consideration?


Material for opinion is from the media. The opinion changes with the action of politicians.
Author : DuitByJames Photographs By: James A McFarlin Copy write 01-29-2013

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author avatar DuitByJames
30th Jan 2013 (#)

Thank You Peter , your help is appreciated.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
31st Jan 2013 (#)

Nice share James. These are things to ponder and, hopefully, wiser counsels will prevail. If only we worked as a team! siva

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author avatar DuitByJames
31st Jan 2013 (#)

Thank You Siva, in lite of new archaeological evidence, I ponder how many times Man Kind has started over from scratch. Hope seams to be one redeeming factor.

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author avatar Buzz
1st Feb 2013 (#)

Thanks for this great piece, James, my friend. Congrats on the star page!

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author avatar DuitByJames
3rd Feb 2013 (#)

Thank You Buzz, I appreciate your support.

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