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Opposers to President Barack Obama are quick to call him the worst President ever and to claim that in the near seven year that he has been in office, that he has done nothing but tear American apart and bring it down...but has he?

President Barack Obama

When President Barack Obama was elected – by a large margin – in 2008; he made history by being the first man of colour to hold the office of President of the United States. What many people forget is that the POTUS is also biracial – his mother was a white woman and the daughter of a US Naval officer and his father was a Kenyan national; which also makes him truly an African-American.

The moment it was discovered the nationality of Obama's father, detractors began to scream that he was ineligible to be President because Obama wasn't an American citizen – he was born in Hawaii, two years after the land had become the nation's newest and 50th state; the son of an American citizen born on American soil.

Then it was discovered that the name Barack was an Arabic word so he must be a Muslim. The word Barack is also found in Hebrew! It means lightening.

From the moment Democratic candidate Barack Obama was elected POTUS, the Republican run Congress vowed to do all that they could to first ensure that Obama would be a one term President and when that did not succeed, they have fought his every move to try and make him look as bad as possible and thus be labeled the “worst President America ever had”.

Despite all of their efforts, Congress has not succeeded in either attempt...and here are a few documented examples (not propaganda created by some political think tank to make their party look good) compiled by US governmental offices.

Signed an Executive Order to audit all government contracts to ensure the contractors are not cheating or stealing from the government – remember those $600 hammers and $2,000 toilet seats at the Department of Defense a few years back?

Vowing to eliminate obsolete weaponry, Obama signed the Weapons Systems Acquisition Reform Act to combat waste, fraud, and abuse by contractors when selling weapons to the Defense Department.

Signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act – the stimulus package – to avoid a depression and spark the economy.

Has helped to bring unemployment rates from near the 10% mark down to less than 5%. Since Obama took office, 10 million new jobs were created with 55 consecutive months of job growth and a total of 64 months with economic growth.

Helped to recovery most of the bail out money given to banks and other organizations.

Signed the Fraud Enforcement and Recovery Act to prevent fraud in the financial system.

Helped to protect American citizens from decptive credit card practices by signing the Credit Card Accountability, Responibilty, and Disclosure Act.

Signed legislation to help families keep their homes and offer tax credits to first time home buyers.

Helped to save thousands of First Responder jobs.

Worked with Apple to bring jobs back to America with manufacturing plants in Texas and Arizona.

Since he took office in 2009, the federal budget deficit has gone from 9.8% of GDP to 2.9% of the GDP in 2014. Over the same period ot time, the US Stock market has nearly tripled.

He signed an Executive Order prohibiting lobbyists from giving gifts to anyone in the Executive Branch of the government; in addition lobbyists no longer have access to the White House.

Like Roosevelt with his fireside chats, Obama has taken advantage of technology and held the first ever online town hall meeting and streams every White House event so that Americans can be a part of the events online.

Ordered dozens of Wall Street executives to cut their own pay until all bailout money had been paid back.

He endorsed legislation that would close offshore tax avoidance loopholes with the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act and has worked with Swiss banks to allow US officials to access bank records of criminals and tax evaders.

Singed legislation – American Jobs and Closing Tax Loopholes Act – to close some loopholes that permit companies to outsource jobs to avoid paying taxes.

Signed legislation – the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr Hate Crimes Prevention Act – making it a federal crime to assault a person due to their gender identity or sexual orientation.

Signed legislation repealing the “Don't Ask Don't Tell” that prohibited homosexuals from serving openly in the military.

Had benefits of federal workers extended to cover same sex couples.

He has appointed the most openly gay officials in history including a transgender Cabinet Officer. And has stated via Presidential Memorandum that same sex partners no longer be banned from making medical decisions for their partners; and to allow partners to visit in the hospital.

Signed the Fair Pay Act against discrimination toward workers regarding pay. And signed an Executive Order allowing workers to openly discuss salaries without fear of reprisals – the order aids in ensuring equal pay among all workers.

In an attempt to improve relations among governments, he created the White House Council of Native American Affairs.

Had the Department of Justice review and reduce sentencing guidelines in regards to drug related offenses; thus releasing thousands of prisoners and helping to eliminate overpopulation in the prison system. The US has one of the highest prison populations in the world.

Has signed an order to eliminate all “enhanced interrogation” - torture - policies put forth by previous administrations and that all “secret” detention centers be shut down; re-establishing policies in line with the Geneva Convention.

Oversaw a mission to rescue hostages from Somali pirates and a mission that ended in the death of terrorist Osama bin Laden. He has also quietly had the person allegedly responsible for committing the attack on the American Embassy in Benghazi arrested and has acquired significant information from said suspect.

Has overseen negotiations that led to a re-establishment of relations and open borders with Cuba; including opening an embassy after over 50 years.

Has re-established relations with Jamaica and became the first President in over 30 years to visit the island nation.

Joined other foreign leaders to establish an international treaty that ensures a peaceful solution to the issue of a nuclear Iran.

Is continuing to work with defense officials and the government of Afghanistan to end the tyranny of Al Queda and to return American troops home as soon as possible.

Aided in ensuring that US military personnel are properly equipped in the field including better body armour. Has also signed legislation to ensure better quality medical care and proper benefits for veterans including mental health care.

Has ensured that the families of fallen military personnel may be on hand when the body arrives in the US and has lifted the media black out on the coverage of those personnel.

Has increased funding for schools and education including the Pell Grant program for college students of poor families.

Helping to protect students from “diploma mills” by requiring the schools to prove their graduates are actually finding gainful employment before federal funds are released.

Lifted the ban on stem cell research and banned human “guinea pig” testing with chemicals.

Signed legislation allowing the Federal Drug Administration to regulate tobacco and requiring ingrediant labeling on all tobacco products.

Has helped to reduce the price of prescription drugs to seniors including repealing the ban on price negotiations between Medicare and the drug companies.

Created the Chemical Safety and Security Working Group to ensure safety in fertilizer plants and avoid another West Fertilizer tragedy.

Has established a Commission to help fight cyber crime.

In the wake of the Hobby Lobby birth control issue, he established new rules to ensure free birth control for all insured women.

Has cracked down on businesses denying employees sick pay, vacations, and other benefits.

Has worked with the First Lady to ensure healthier lunches for school children.

Has taken steps to increase renewable energy sources and lessen dependence on fossil fuels; as well as, preserving the environment.

The office of President of the United States is only one of three branches of the federal government – the President cannot make a law; he can suggest legislation but only sign the results sent to him after Congress creates those laws. The President does have very limited powers to make policy through an Executive Order which can be reversed by the next President.

While it sometimes seems that the current President is doing nothing, he works long hours each day working very hard.


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