Is India becoming like nazi germany slowly with crimes against humanity?

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Daily nazi type atrocities in India on harmless civilians out of hatred, greed and casteism

Daily nazi type atrocities in India on harmless civilians by cruel officials

India claims to be a democracy, yet the cruel fraud intelligence and security agency officials are worse than the nazi officials in Hitlers germany commiting human rights abuses on harmless indian citizens daily. These shameless fraud officials specialize in falsely claiming national security to justify their atrocities on a harmless single woman engineer. Why was their harmless obc engineering college classmate not a security threat when she studied with them in a top college for 4 years, and worked hard for twenty years to save money for her old age.

Now that their harmless obc classmate has worked hard for her resume and money, these cruel shameless mainly brahmin officials allegedly bribed by google, tata, paypal and other companies want to steal her impressive resume for the lazy greedy goan call girls siddhi, sunaina who bribed them with free sex, and other cheaters they are infatuated with. Hence these animal like officials are spreading extremely false and malicious rumors to defame their harmless obc classmate. Like all frauds these officials will never be able to defend their complete lies defaming an innocent woman in an open debate.

These cruel officials have already got their lazy greedy call girl and cheater friends lucrative jobs in indian intelligence agencies allegedly in R&AW falsely claiming that these goan sluts and other cheaters were their Btech 1993 EE classmate . Now their darling lazy greedy cheater and call girls friends are ruthless in stalking the harmless obc engineer using the most sophisticated equipment available in the country, wasting indian tax payer money.

These powerful animal like officials who claim to be honest saints , never lose an opportunity to attack the harmless obc engineer, they and cheater friends have ruthlessly cheated, defamed and exploited using the most sophisticated directed energy weapons in the country causing great pain, memory loss, and making it impossible for her to work at day or night . The radiation weapons are invisible , so most people including medical professionals in India are not aware of the damage caused to the body.

However though her fraud male engineering college classmates have stolen her resume for goan sluts and cheaters, the engineer realizes that she is being intentionally targeted by the shameless fraud officials using radiation or similar weapons. It appears that other backward class professionals, especially those with a brilliant academic and professional record are being systematically targetted by the mainly brahmin officials, just like the jews were targetted by the nazis in germany .To avoid accusations of casteism , these officials will falsely claim that the mediocre lazy greedy goan obc call girl bsc sunaina, who sleeps with them, has the resume of the brilliant obc engineer being tortured daily.

The brilliant harmless obc engineer has appealed to a large number of officials for help including the national human rights commission of India and copies of the mail, RTI request can be provided . However no one has helped to end the daily torture she is being subjected to. On a forum, she was told that she may be a victim of a cruel human experiment without her consent, just like those on jews in nazi germany. So it appears that India is slowly turning into Nazi germany for people who are not well connected.

Exact timings, location of the daily attack in Goa can be provided to human rights activist anywhere in the world who can help the harmless woman being tortured daily


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author avatar CityJoe
2nd Aug 2015 (#)

This is an excellent article! Thanks for telling the truth! They are not fond of the truth on this site but keep it up anyway.

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author avatar Retired
2nd Aug 2015 (#)

Great piece! Keep it up.

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