Is Uber safe for drivers and passengers

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Uber to me is just like cabs and maybe even better cause the passengers info are also registered with uber like the driver but that might not be the case with cabs. Most passengers with cabs do not have info registered with the com. so anything can happened when a passenger commit a crime and no one knows their id.

Uber safe

Is Uber safe for passengers? I know there have been many people criticizing that Uber is deemed not safe for many. What is the difference
between Uber and a cab driver? Well, as of now, I know that when it comes to cab drivers, they have to pass a criminal background check,
and by far that is the major point but Uber can be well on their way to doing that as well. I mean passing a criminal check can be done
by days so there is no reason why Uber couldn't do that. I think that will make their image a bit safer and more competitive to
passengers. I think its kind of scary to have a criminal driving you around the ally at night if they have been convicted of rape
or murder before, don't you think? I wouldn't want such a driver anyways. But just because a driver has no prior conviction, that doesn't
deter them from doing one either you know. I have heard of drivers driving women into the forest and raping them and they had no
prior convictions. So, we have to be careful at all times too. Because once you're inside someone's car they can do anything to you, and
the passengers can rob the drivers too. So both drivers and passengers are not safe at any time giving one person has a motive.

passengers and drivers info registered with Uber

For one thing, you should know that every driver has their information signed up with Uber, so uber knows who the driver is and everything
else about them adn those information was verified too prior to employment. So, if anything did occurred, Uber would know where you were
picked up, your route and your driver and where you were left off and so forth. I mean, unless the drivers do not want to live or want to
go to jail, they will behave safely right? I mean, who out of their right mind will commit a crime if they know for sure that Uber
could tell it was them. The passenger also have their info. registered with Uber, and their payments and such registered so all the info.
is with Uber, so if the passenger commit a crime, then they could be held accountable as well. So, because of such info. registered, both
parties are on the safer sides. But its up to your judgement, as a driver or passenger to deny a transaction if your gut tell you that something is up.

However, I think passengers and drivers could face the same safety problems with traditional cabs right? Both can be at risk at any time.
And worst off with traditional cab, is that the passengers are not registered with the cab company, and if something happens, they don't
know who the passenger is and their info. so that makes cab companies even more dangerous versus Uber.


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