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Recycling is something that every community should do no matter how large or small. What we do today will determine the lives we are able to live tomorrow.

Community Recycling

While searching for my topic for today, I discovered some exciting news. After years of not having a local recycling center we are getting one in our area. Actually we had one years ago but it shut down. A local church ran it but the cost became to much for the congregation. My family loved that place. All week long the children would collect bags of aluminum cans, newspapers and plastic containers. On Saturday's we would go down to the Recycle Center and have a ball throwing the cans in one bin, the plastic bottles in another bin and the newspaper in the last bin. It was a game to see how fast we could clear out the trunk of the car and place the various items in their proper bins.

It has been about ten years since the Recycling Center shut down. My children are adults now but they still remember how much fun my husband made recycling. I read an online article from our local newspaper stating that "the new recycling bins are already on site at the original center." (Evening Time, 2013) There was no scheduled grand reopening date given. The Recycling Center is located in a small city surrounding by several small rural towns. We live in one of those small towns. The article also stated that our town is going to get its own recycle bin. We are only an eight minute drive away from the large center but it is exciting to know that we can recycle in our own little town.

My husband and I are looking forward to not having to drive 20 miles away to the next state for recycling. I am going to have my husband build us three recycle bins to store our aluminum cans, newspapers and plastics. It is nice that we will be able to share this desire to preserve our community, our planet with our grandchildren. Teaching them when they are young to value where we live will go a long way into creating adults that love the earth and their local communities.


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author avatar Nadine May
21st Jan 2014 (#)

We are also planning 4 recycling cupboards in our new laundry. paper,plastic,aluminum and direct garbage. Compost is already going onto the garden

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author avatar Waterlily
21st Jan 2014 (#)

We have had recycling in our area for years and I have always done my part. Great article.

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author avatar writermom02
22nd Jan 2014 (#)

Thank you Nadine May and Waterlily. We are very excited and cannot wait until it is up and running again. Since the city will be running the Recycling Center it should be a success this time.

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