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As a resident of the planet Earth, I believe it is my duty to leave this place in better shape than I found it. With this in mind my family and I strive to live Green. This is a noble calling, however some things we as citizens of Earth do to be Green cause me to as the question "Why???"

"Water versus Waterless"

Our planet is made up of two-thirds water. We need water to sustain life, to wash clothes, cook our food, grow our crops and a multitude of other necessities. The problem is we unknowingly waste liters of water each time we flush our toilets. In 2008, Don Duncan, from Time magazine, attended the annual World Toilet Summit and Expo in Macau. Yes they actually have a world summit to discuss more planet friendly ways of getting rid of stuff we don't like to discuss. According to his article in Time magazine, people "who tend to 'flush and forget' on a regular basis...tend to dump up to 22 liters of drinkable water everyday, one three-to six liter flush at a time." (2008,

When you think about it, that is a lot of water we waste several times a day. Not to worry, designers, engineers and other really smart people have developed ways to curtail this waste. One such innovation is the dual flush toilet. This wonderful concept comes to us from Australia. According to an Internet article from "HowStuffWorks", dual flush toilets came to be in 1980 with interest and usage really catching on in 1993. The dual flush toilet can easily be installed in most any home saving the consumer money on sewage cost and saving drinkable water for other uses.

Dual flush toilets are a good idea. Waterless urinals, I am not such a fan of. For the most part this product is commercial and saves companies "money on water and sewage charges for thousands of flushes," ( urinals) The biggest problem I find with the waterless urinals is the smell. I have gone to the movies or to a ball game and the stench coming from the mens' restroom is unbearable. There is no water to rinse away the urine so gravity alone drains it away. There are products that help minimize the odor problem. "Some manufactures use traps and fill the trap with oil to keep gases from rising while allowing the urine to flow down the drain. Manufactures that don't use traps add oil and water to the drain pipe. Either way gallons of water have to be used periodically to clean the urinals" ( urinals) I understand how waterless urinals help the environment but I the smell makes me long for a better solution. Thankfully I am not a man and can cover my nose when walking past a public restroom.


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