January An Open Door for Investment

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First a surprise visit by a president, and looking at ways to INVEST time, energy, and money, this year through education. Looking at a sign in the sky. Join up for your mining claim in outer space. Install a grey water filter. Learn more about the oceans and get involved. Will geothermal electricity generation get us off of coal and oil dependency? Round the clock treatment cures Mississippi Rivers Dry Cough so far.

President Clinton In High School

I am excited! Past President Clinton, visited my Sr High School Alma mater today. No excitement, for the visit, but; for the positive message that was shared. We are human no mater what we look like, or how we differ. It will be important for us all to help one another in the years to come.
Are you planning on more education this year?
At 58 + I never stopped; with all the advances in technology, I can not, afford to.
There are constant changes, certifications, upgrades; you most likely are in the same boat.
A little in the right area can make a big difference in getting the job you want or need.

Go Forward

With EDUCATION! You are able to be more versatile.
GET involved! Don't expect the other person to be different and go the extra mile.
Start CHANGE! Be different if you want things to be better, duit yourself.
DON'T Wait! Just put one foot in front of the other, one step at a time, and before you know it, you will be there and ready, to choose another goal.

The Twins

When looking up at the moon tonight, I saw my birth sign waving down to me, from behind a full moon, they couldn't see, my fangs growing, as Sirius glimmered like a diamond rainbow, my hair began to grow, and by now you know, I embellished a bit, I am joking.
I'm really not a werewolf. But as the moon slowly dims away into February the Twins,
( GEMINI ) will become quite spectacular.

Mining Metal IN Outer Space

Two companies are putting out options asking for capital to build technology and the means to mine metal from near earth objects; like the moon and those big rocks we are worried about hitting us. You know asteroids. Do you think mining them will be possible?
With all the new successful robotic missions happening I don't see why not.
Wouldn't it be great if the same effort were put into grey water treatment, and proper development of resources in the oceans?

Geothermal Surgery

If all goes as planned the earths mantle will be receiving surgery in Oregon, U.S.A. to produce multiple precise fractures around a single shaft.
By repeating this procedure with another shaft near by, it should be possible to inject water in one, and reclaim steam from the other.
This will then be used to operate an electric generation plant.
So far the progress has been very promising.

Is The Mississippi River Over It"s Dry Cough?

According to the Mississippi Business journal.
The Corps has been operating dredges, along with private contractors hired by the corps; in a gallant effort, non stop seven day's a week since may.
They are winning the battle and mother nature has rewarded them with enough rain fall and snow melt in the valley to raise water levels in key points by nine feet, on Jan. 13th.
The Coast Guard has also been contributing around the clock surveillance to insure the safety and clear passage on the river.


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Photography By: James A McFarlin

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author avatar DuitByJames
27th Jan 2013 (#)

Thank You for the star johnnydod

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27th Jan 2013 (#)

Interesting topic and nicely combined with pictures. Thanks.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
27th Jan 2013 (#)

Thought provoking share, James, and a unique one that kept me hooked till the last line. You have become an inspiration for me for sure - how not to give up - siva

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
27th Jan 2013 (#)

ditto Siva....you are one of the writers on wiki who says things as they are...thank you..

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author avatar DuitByJames
27th Jan 2013 (#)

Thank You for all the support and encouragement. Your influence has enhanced the vibrancy of my conviction. I know when things don't seam right it's time to check your compass.

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author avatar DuitByJames
27th Jan 2013 (#)

On wikinut I am able to check my course by watching the stars.

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