Jon Gaunt, Councillor Stark, Ofcom, talkSPORT,Shami Chakrabarti. Who is bullying who?

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As the bullying issue continues in the headlines, Kev looks at an example of bullying that should be tolerated.

What happened.

07nov2008: Jon Gaunt calls Councillor Stark a 'nazi', a 'health nazi' and an 'ignorant pig' on national radio. Councillor Stark confirms the decision not to allow smokers to foster.
17nov08: Jon sacked by talkSPORT for inviting Councillor Stark to 'take action'.*
11may09: Ofcom declares that it's code had been breached by Jon Gaunt partly because of his 'persistently bullying and hectoring approach'.
27jan10: Jon wins permission to take high court action against Ofcom. Shami Chakrabarti criticises talkSPORT & Ofcom.

*Some newspapers suggested that Jon was sacked for calling his guest a 'nazi'. According to Gershon Portnoi, author of the book 'Ten Years of talkSPORT', he was sacked for 'taunting' his guest, thus risking costly legal bills and damages for which his employer would have been liable.

Why did Shami Chakrabarti enter the fray?

Because our Free Speech is under threat. Broadcasters can be fined and sacked for exceeding 'generally accepted standards'. The rules are too draconian and enforced by an unelected quango, Ofcom.

The USA are ahead of us, apparently.

Here, you can eavesdrop on a forum of Amercian academics. They discuss language and talk of the nuances between 'nazi, 'health nazi' and 'soup nazi'. More importantly, they chat about how American Free Speech protection laws are superior to ours and how they put up with objectionable talk show hosts. It seems that certain 'shock jock' hosts are tolerated there because Free Speech trumps the bad behaviour of those hosts.

What's to be done here?

We must wait for the conclusions of the judicial review but It looks to me that this is another job for Parliament to sort out because the Human Rights Act is inadequate.

Meanwhile, I can listen to Jon here.

The answer to the question.

Jon Gaunt bullied Councillor Stark. Justified.
Councillor Stark bullied smokers wishing to foster kids. Unjustified.
Ofcom bullied Jon Gaunt for bullying Councillor Stark. Unjustified.
talkSPORT bullied no one but fired Jon Gaunt. Justified.
Shami Chakrabarti bullied no one but criticised talkSPORT & Ofcom. Justified. my humble opinion.


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