Justin Trudeau - the Next Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada

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Justin Trudeau may be the next leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. He was able to retain his seat in parliament on May 2, 2011 but his party was decimated. With the departure of the last leader, a popular movement is starting to elevate Justin Trudeau to lead.

Justin Trudeau, Canadian Liberal party savior

Rarely has a Canadian election delivered such a spectacular message to politicians as the May 2, 2011 election did. The Conservative party was given a clear majority. The Liberal party was dealt a crushing defeat. Relegated to third place, they are now represented by only 34 elected members. One of these is Justin Trudeau who has retained his seat and managed to look confident in doing so.
After the spectacular defeat of May 2, 2011, Michael Ignatieff announced that he was resigning as leader of the Liberal party. He was unable to attract support from the Canadian public and even lost much of the historic support of the party. With his departure, a new chapter begins. If the party is to survive at all, the old guard must be changed.
Justin Trudeau is now the best person to lead the Liberal Parry of Canada. His is young, intelligent and bilingual. He has a large amount of support, proven by his re-election in his Montreal riding. Many people are anxious to see him take the leadership role. In fact, many believe that the party is finished without him. Justin realizes the importance of a leadership decision and he is evaluating his options. With two young children, he obviously must consider his family first. Luckily as the third ranked party in parliament, he would be given somewhat less pressure than Jack Layton during the next four years.
Should the Liberal Party of Canada pick Justin Trudeau as their next leader, Canada would experience the sensation of Trudeaumania 2.0. When Pierre Trudeau rose to lead the Liberal party, the country was captivated. The handsome young man was a natural leader and he signified Canadian politics for a long time. In fact, even after Pierre Trudeau departed the political scene, his influence was long felt.
Canada has not truly had anyone to vote for for quite some time. Many ballots are cast as protests picking anyone except a particular candidate. This was true on May 2, 2011. Voters in Quebec chose the NDP instead of the Bloc despite the historical lack of support for the NDP in that province. Many other voters across the country picked NDP, Conservative and even Green candidates instead of Michael Ignatieff.
Justin Trudeau would finally be someone that could captivate the Canadian voters. He is young and is not responsible for the past party choices. He is intelligent and recognizable. He has a famous heritage. He represents the future and would be a great choice as the leader of the Liberal party. As leader, he would be able to direct a rise in party fortunes in a calm fashion for the next four years. He could observe the development of the new government. He could comment on the ability of the NDP to wield their new Official Opposition status. Whether the party is successful or not, he would be able to bring civility, intelligence and competence to a process that has been divisive and juvenile for far too long.


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