Kevin seizes the day with the help of Secretarybot, his robot secretary

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Tackling the day and its chores is a pleasure for young Kevin Sweefarend, an aspirant robot designer, with the help of his robot secretary Secretarybot to help him work down a check list quickly and easily.

Kevin seizes the day with the help of Secretarybot, his robot secretary

The moon is shining in the night sky, under the watchful eyes of Fhwoo, the owl. On the horizon, the sky is getting pinker by the minute.

And then, the early morning breaks over Kevin Sweefarend's house.

Inside, Kevin's alarm clock starts ringing. This is Kevin's cue to jump up out of bed and seize the day!

Kevin runs towards the chest of drawers, the lowest drawer of which houses Kevin's robot secretary, Secretarybot.

Secretarybot helps Kevin keep a schedule, and reminds Kevin when what needs to be done.

Today, the first thing Kevin wanted Secretarybot to remind him to do, is to add any new ideas and updates that Kevin might have dreamt up during the night, to the robot plan that is on Kevin's table. It is a plan to build a new Robbie, a newer version of the first Robbie version that Kevin built, but which exploded because of a short circuit.

Kevin believes a third eye on the new Robbie might have him have four dimensional vision. That is because if two eyes gives a person 3D vision, three eyes should give a person 4D vision. Right?

Secretarybot is looking forward to having a new brother or sister robot companion.

Kevin's busy schedule also includes a piano playing lesson, a steady breakfast, and feeding the cats their bowl of milk.

Then of course Kevin needs to ride his motorcycle over to the sheep's pen, where Kevin's father's sheep have been sleeping for the night. They need to be taken out and chased down the road to a piece of land where they shall be grazing for the day.

This is one of Kevin's chores that he has really enjoyed ever since he was little.

While Kevin is away in the veld with the sheep, Franciscus Sweefarend, Kevin's pilot father, is in Kevin's room to bring Kevin a message. He leaves the message with Secretarybot. The message is rather urgent, because danger is afoot.

You can have a look at this adventure of Kevin and his Secretarybot in our video novel EENDAG, here.


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