Kronobot spotted over city of London

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A technological-looking creature rised from within the city of London today, and continued to make a few apparently paranoid maneuvres, asif fleeing from something or someone.

What is it?

The answer is simple: It is the Kronobot, a robotic creature capable of both time travel and folding space, that was fleeing from Muykevkro, the secret fascility located in London, where it has been assembled.

Muykevkro is a division of Muyz Systems, a worldwide computer and technology conglomerate.

Why would this Kronobot flee the factory where it has been assembled though?

There is something fishy about this Kronobot. It has been programmed with lots of information into its brain, which, although the outer skeleton and mechanical parts of this robot is inorganic, is organic.

Conscious robot has conscience

Above: Preliminary envisionment of Kronobot over city

And now that it has become conscious, it refuses to take part in the agenda for which it has been created, and instead, goes on a desperate search for the human from whose DNA its brain has been cloned: None other than Kevin Sweefarend.

Such is the current scene of EENDAG that the team is working on. Follow their doings and goings on MooiFlieks.Com.


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