Labor Day in Europe, Dairy Farmers Unite

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Labor protest in Brussels today closes IMF HQ for the entire day, due to 2000 tractors representing Irish Dairy farmers demanding financial relief.

The new Socialist International?

Feel free to add your own translation. This is significant because I personally have not seen a big farmers’ protest shutting down a major BANKING city since Stalin in the early 20th Century. Less important than the price of commodities is 2000 farmers organized in one place on Labor Day and the fact that they collectively shut down the bank city today. The meta-message here is: THESE ARE ORGANIZED FARMERS ASKING FOR SOCIAL REFORM and they are directing their protest to the IMF. The battle cry if not enunciated in this banner is: SOCIALISM NOW, PRICE CONTROLS, NATIONALIZE COMMODITIES. Ironically, one of the alleged causes of this drop in prices of Irish dairy and pork is “Russian sanctions” and the Chinese market crash of recent times. Blame the East, for the woes of the West? Or is there a change in lifestyle behind it? Is it TPP? or is it permanent change?

Or, could it be another engineered “false flag,” designed to call for SOCIALISM, FIXING PRICES OF COMMODITIES, NATIONALIZING COMMODITY PRICES? As Israel did in the 1970s, when I was there, the Israeli government decided the cost of bread, milk, eggs, turkey. Pork is not raised or consumed in Israel because the government does not sanction unkosher foods at all. Some Israelis might raise pigs on their private farms or import bacon if they want to eat it. When I was there, there were no pig farms. There were dairy farms. Most of those dairy farms in Israel were Jewish, they were socialized either as Moshavim or as Kibbutzim and their produce guaranteed a minimum price by the Israeli government. I see the same thing happening in Ireland now. Israel stopped subsidizing commodities before I left in the late 70s but they might have to revisit this idea now if there is worldwide starvation due to migrations, climate changes, etc.

This is the banner in French which the farmers held up in Brussels today, I think they say, “The bloody Parliament and their “thoughtful” helpers, how much are you at fault, again?” Aside from the literal translation is the symbolic meaning. The implication here is that Europe’s bank, located in Brussels the IMF, NATO, TPP, Monsonto perhaps working together with government is the reason for poverty amongst farmers due to dropping commodity prices. Curiously, “Russia” and “China” are named not “BRICS.” I think it is intended to be sarcastic not literal, particularly the word “saigneurs” implies blood of the pigs they cannot sell. There are other symbolic meanings here…the blood of pigs is on the heads of the IMF, pig symbolizes greed, "blood" implies "nobility," "Jesuit" (blood sacrifice) as well as "strife" "violence" and blood marks the door, it is symbolic of warning that a reckoning is close at hand.

Who organized these farmers? Evidently the French Dairy Union organized these Irish farmers (?) in Brussels, home of the IMF. Does anyone else find this type of international organizing unusual? Neo-French revolution in commodity pricing organized by the French Dairy Farmers Union?

It is similar to Cesar Chavez work in 1960s see . See also “The Soviet Union enforced the collectivization of its agricultural sector between 1928 and 1940 during the ascendancy of Stalin.”
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Note from that link, “It was often claimed that an American Fordson tractor (called “Фордзон” in Russian) was the best propaganda in favor of collectivization.” The TRACTOR is a symbol of COLLECTIVIZATION.

The hidden part of the banner under the banner is the FRENCH MILK BOARD. Note France’s many successful communes, similar to Israel’s many successful communes.

Is there a pattern here? I see a pattern of timing these events, coordinating them, making sure they are large, get good press, and that they are located in key areas, in regular cycles and seasons. Men in black hold up the banner/s. If nothing more, we’ve got a cooperative effort spanning Ireland, France and Brussels succeeding in shutting down Europe’s banking HQ for an entire day. Stalin would be proud.


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