Latest Technology : Air can now be converted into water

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Page deals about the invention of Johathan Ritchey watermill, which is water generator.

The Invention

Johathan Ritchey has invented the Watermill, which is an atmospheric water generator. It converts air into fresh water.
This latest technology invention produces fresh water at a cost of about 3 cents a liter (1 quart). Originally designed for areas that do not have clean drinking water, the Watermill is for households that prefer an eco-friendly, cost effective alternative to bottled water.

But How????

Atmospheric water generators convert air into water when the temperature of the air becomes saturated with enough water vapor that it begins to condense (dew point).
"What is unique about the Watermill is that it has intelligence," says Ritche. This makes the appliance more efficient. It samples the air every 3 minutes to determine the most efficient time to convert the air into water.

It will also tell you when to change the carbon filter and will shut itself off if it cannot make pure clean water.


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author avatar Rania, Jamie & Reni
7th Feb 2013 (#)

That is WONDERFUL! ankii sharma.

I do hope the blueprint for this invention does not fall into the grips of those who take the invention and lock it behind closed doors to keep it away from the people.

This invention could help so many citizens of this planet.

Colonel Qadaffi had a water system which was to serve the water needs of the people of Libya and was to be shared with others of the African continent.

NATO bombed and the instillation was destroyed so the people would not benefit from such technology.

This was another crime against humanity, where, the guilty, so far, have not been punished, but that will come either in this life or in their future incarnations.

Uthrania Seila.

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author avatar ankii sharma
7th Feb 2013 (#)

thanks for the comment, lets hope so.

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