LiFi uses common every day lights to transmit data.

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LiFi new technology is comparable to infrared remote controls which sends data through an LED light bulb

LiFi uses common every day lights to transmit data.

As Wi-Fi hotspots and cloud computing are rapidly increasing reliable signal is bound to suffer. Speed and security are also major concerns. They are vulnerable to hackers as it is penetrate through walls easily. Li-Fi is said to overcome this .This new technology is comparable to infrared remote controls which sends data through an LED light bulb that varies in intensity faster than the human eye can see. In near future we can see data for laptops, smart phones, and tablets transmitted through the light in a room.
Li-Fi technology uses semi-conductor device LED light bulb that rapidly develop binary signals which can be manipulated to send data by tiny changes in amplitude. Using this innovative technology 10,000 to 20,000 bits per second of data can be transmitted simultaneously in parallel using a unique signal processing technology and special modulation.

This Li-Fi technology will be really useful on oil rig platforms and underwater application were conventional radio signal can ignite fire due to accidental spark. This Li-Fi technology can be used on aircraft as it cannot interfere with other radio equipment. There is less risk of data leaking out of a house or office. As comunicatation technology is expanding at a rapid pace we are running out of radio frequency spectrum but this new visible light spectrum has 10,000 times more capacity than radio frequency.
Cellular masts or base stations worldwide uses a lot of energy particularly for cooling and it operates at only five percent efficiency whereas Li-Fi technology can transmit data through the 14 billion light bulbs already installed worldwide. So it is virtually free .The whole process of transmitting data through light is more energy efficient than using radio frequency.

Li-Fi technology uses microchip fitted into every lighting device: household lights, street lamps, cell phones, overhead lights on planes, traffic lights such that every bulb can be used something like a Wi-Fi hotspot to transmit wireless data without no additional cost for infrastructure thus turning existing light fixtures — from street lamps to Smartphone LED screens — into rapidly pulsating data transmitters.


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this is enormous and I am interested

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I wish this technology may reach fast into market............

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