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Fish congregate in front of hydro power plants in swarms. They are looking for a way up or down. Using advanced technology can facilitate their departure. Sometimes the vernacular is unplanned properly. Fish want to swim. It is, but is meant more so the culinary part, often associated with a desire for white wine. This applies to many species of the kitchen and in the actual habitat: you wander the rivers high, some even down again, overcoming obstacles such as rapids and small waterfalls.

Case of the hydro power plants

It is known, the jumping ability of salmon, the meter far catapults themselves upward. However, this has its limits: At a hydroelectric power plant, they do not come over, and also went down anything without help. The green power from the river, actually an environmentally friendly product, characterized gets a flaw: The single fish can get into the turbine blade. Whole populations are cut off.

This will not please not only the anglers. Power plant operators, therefore, seek the animals with a rake in the form of closely standing thin rods away from the turbines and offer them ways in which they can swim around the power plant.

"The date was based on many assumptions," says Michael Detering, at RWE Innogy responsible for asset management in the field of hydropower, but scientific justification, there was hardly any - and if so, then they came into existence in experiments. It is so far only little is known about the behavior of fish upstream of the weir.

Research, how to improve the protection of fish

This was true until recently, because the last few years researching RWE Innogy in an initiative of the German Federal Environment Agency and with the support of the provincial government, as one could improve the fish protection. It had divided the topics explained Detering. His company studied the movement of the fish and the rocks. Others take care of, inter alia, methods of counting.

The most modern technology is in the game. For the research project called something (real-time warning system of water turbines) RWE Innogy has installed before two power stations on the lip a Didson (Dual Frequency Identification Sonar). This device was developed for military use.

It works as an acoustic camera in high-frequency ranges of 1.1 and 1.8 MHz and is in contrast to conventional echo sounders able to provide a relatively high-resolution video at 25 frames per second, Cameras are for in most rivers unsuitable. The water is too turbid.

The installed Didson sonar has a range of about ten meters, which is sufficient for the inlet width of the power plant. In addition to fishing and buildings are on the video to see under water. The data is automatically collected and analyzed around the clock. It was the first time that over a long period of time movement patterns of fish was examined before the power plant, said Detering.

It is amazing has shown that the fish come in front of the screen, check the obstacle and swim back a piece. In about one to three meters distance, they accumulate in large amounts - even those that do not from swarms as the eel. The Swarm exploratory usually less than a minute before the rake, then he swims back upstream, says Detering.

This is repeated many times over several days. If the Abwanderdrang eventually becomes too large, the swarm dissolves, and the fish swim down individually. The rake, take the fish with their lateral line organ (a Ferntastsinn) as an obstacle true.

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