Living Sasquatch Photographed on Mars

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Discovery of what appears to be a Sasquatch like creature in a recent NASA orbiter photograph of the surface of the Northern Plains of Mars.

On a Walk Through the Martian Desert

It seems that people are seeing and photographing Sasquatches everywhere these days, including on the planet Mars. Although, the "entity" on Mars probably only resembles Big Foot - as he is also known - and is in reality something quite different. I noticed his presence while I was scanning through the latest batch of NASA images of Mars taken from the orbiting craft. There were actually two Sasquatches in the field of view. One was much larger than the other, so I described them as an adult out for a walk with a child through the desert.

What drew my immediate attention was that these forms seemed completely out of place in this environment to be considered natural features. According to NASA, these were two mounds of rock. NASA's only description. But this was in the middle of the great Northern Plains of Mars which is an absolute flat expanse of vast desert landscape. It was geologically inconsistent for two natural formations such as this to appear in this type of setting. I know this from first hand experience because I am an archaeologist who has spent a great deal of time in the Desert Southwest of the United States while working at various excavation sites. So I zoomed in on the photo of these two "mounds" on Mars in hopes of discovering what they really were.

Adult and child Sasquatch

There are many reasons why this image is not simply two mounds of rock. It is difficult to evaluate anything about the smaller image on the left, of course. But the larger one of the right clearly has form - a recognizable shape. It isn't just a matter of one stone set atop another stone. There is a symmetry to it and, more than this, a shape that looks human. Something like a Martian style Sasquatch.

I could not locate any other images of the Martian Northern Plains that showed these two forms photographed at another time or location. I am still searching. However, as far as my continued search is concerned, the original NASA photo has been deleted from their files and can no longer be found at this time. Probably because someone - myself - has located a true anomalous being which cannot be explained.

Anatomy of the Martian Sasquatch

Too many coincidences are difficult to explain away. What this means in this case is that when examining the image of the Sasquatch at an even higher magnification it is obvious that this is some form of humanoid type of being. Notice the specific physical features of the "entity."

Looks very human like doesn't it? One arrow (1) points toward a feature which is obviously a head. Another arrow (2) directs attention to the feet and ankle. The lower arrow on the left (4) shows a bent knee and a leg stepping forward. And the higher arrow on the left (3) shows what appears to be a hand held at the being's side. Can the fact that these features are all present at the same time be a mere coincidence!

A Living being?

People are reporting seeing snakes and rats on the surface of Mars, but can there really be any living creatures on this planet? Mars does not have a magnetic field thus it is not protected from ultraviolet radiation. The air pressure on the planet is so low that humans would need to wear pressure suits to survive. The temperature ranges from +30 degrees Fahrenheit to around -250 degrees Fahrenheit. And snakes hate cold weather! Rats seem to endure anything. Ask any New Yorker. But what about a Sasquatch?

An earth type Big Foot would not do well on Mars. But what about one which was silicon based rather than carbon based? What if the creature in the photos just shown was really a type of rock? A living rock form. A being that is based on silicon which would not be affected by ultraviolet light, the lack of oxygen, extremes of temperature and the low pressure? One that could hibernate and could remain totally motionless to avoid those annoying NASA rovers when they come by taking pictures and ruining the landscape.

I'm still searching the NASA database for any other pictures of this rock like Sasquatch. But for now, I may have rescued the only existing photo that NASA allowed out of its grasp.


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