Lurking Danger

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The policies of government for the last 35 years have paved the way for Americas decline

Lurking Danger

Throughout history it has been proven that where there is acute poverty there is corruption in governments. Where there is corruption in governments there is only a perpetuating vicious cycle of economic depravation within that society. Whether we choose to accept that the United States government has become so corrupt or not the very facts tell that us our government has only accelerated Americas decline. Also in recognizing these facts is a beginning to fuel the resources that are needed for solving man's afflictions that are the cause of the most acute crisis of the 21st century.

"War! The most malignant scourge of man." That was from General Douglas MacArthur. To this day we are sill at War, only with different antagonists. The war on drugs, poverty and such have all been fought not to end the cycle of poverty or dependency on drugs but for the money that is made on both sides. A losing battle and yet our government has only made these conditions worse. Today, the United States is one of the leading consumers of illicit drugs. The death tolls alone from those who overdose tell a tale of a losing battle on the so called war on drugs. The war on poverty is another example of how governmental policies have failed to reduce the poverty rates all across the country. Today, we are still faced with a mounting homelessness problem that is very evident not only in our cities but in those rural areas all across the nation. The plight of poverty has deepened every year.

The United States has experienced the sharpest decline of economic opportunities from over 30 years of disingenuous policies. Policies that have only created the greatest income disparity gap in our nations history. The wealthy keep getting wealthier while the majority keeps getting poorer. Not only has our economic strength declined but our moral fiber as a nation has succumbed to the indignation of our elected officials who continue to be oblivious to the plight of the multitudes who have become so destitute. When the life expectancy of our population continues to drop while other European nations rise is a sure sign that what our policies have done have only weakened our economic and moral stature. The moral fiber of our nation has deteriorated so far over the span of 35 years this nation is on the verge of falling into a dark abyss from which we may never emerge.

Internationally, we continue to fight a losing battle from ISIS, Al Qaeda, the Taliban, North Korea, and other insurgent organizations. All have only continued their carnage upon humanity, and nature. There are other threats that can render populations defenseless in securing economic stability and national security. Global Famine caused by our continued indifference to global warming is now a real eminent threat and continues to be a major catalyst for more global aggression. Nations are continuously succumbing to more poverty and disease. This is due to the vast corruption in governments and failed policies that favor only a few. When this happens it also translates into a decline of a society where diminished economic opportunities not only persist but continue to escalate.

We also have to remember that the war on poverty is also a battle against rising crime. With the increase in poverty there is also a rise in crime. Of all the industrialized nations it is the United States that has the most people incarcerated, more crime committed, and we are the only country with the highest murder rate and gun related violence. All of these factors has helped create the stark decline of our once economically strong society. The policies of the past 35 years in regards to crime and punishment has and continues to be "mass incarceration." With out the resources that are needed in our society to help prevent crime like a competent educational system, more economic opportunities, and better financed social service agencies are only exasperating the criminal justice system.

There is a direct correlation between prison populations our governmental policies of the last 35 years and the rate of how extensively the number of people who are cast into the cycle of poverty. This direct link indicates that the more people succumbing to poverty levels not seen since the 1930's our society with the continued disintegration of our morals has only accelerated the rising crime and incarceration rates. All of this translates into what the United States is experiencing, a continual cycle of economic decay.

Recent statistics indicate the the catastrophic waste of human life, the potential resources lost, and the amount of capital spent has quadrupled since the late 1970's. To put this in perspective, in 2009 there were over 21,000 murders alone in the United States that were reported. Which by the way, many are not reported or documented. Then there is the cost to taxpayers at roughly about $400 Billion per year. This nation cannot afford to continue to absorb the astronomical cost associated with the rising rate of our prison population. That was in 2009. Today, those numbers have grown substantially.

The solutions to this enormous problem is going take a complete shift of policies not only in the way our judicial system is set up but an abrupt focus on why this nation continues to loose ground to other industrialized nations, like China, India and even Finland. A first line of defense is on our public school systems. Education Reform is paramount in teaching today's youth to better prepare them for their future. What has transpired in over 35 years in public education has only helped create the culture our youth are exposed to now. Compound that with the governmental policies of over 35 years has also contributed to the decline of economic opportunities that should have been available in the first place for our youth and young adults. We must remember that education, training, and knowledge is relevant only when there are opportunities available to apply ones education, training and knowledge. What we have here in the United States today is that the opportunities have all but evaporated which in turn only perpetuates a widening circle and cycle of an impoverished population.

To off set this continued rise in incarceration rates, cut costs, expedite our judicial system, and increase tax revenue we would be wise to incorporate a more European concept in regards to their criminal justice system. But, to do that we must reform our whole government to help negate the effects that have brought this nation to the very edge of falling into that abyss. But, with the Republicans in Congress and the Trump Administration in charge conditions within the United States will continue to deteriorate for the majority while the 1% reap the rewards that are handed to them basically on a silver platter. In remembering the Jefferson Prophecy is essential to understanding how the United States can and must turn the tide of the continued arrogance of government back toward what our founding fathers envisioned for this nation.

Implementing National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Confederation is the only way toward solving the many crisis that continue to plague this nation. To do nothing or continue with the status-quo even with the Republicans in charge is paramount toward disaster and the end of the American way of life that we used to know. When Trump touts "Make America great again" he not only misses the mark with everything he continues to do but he and the Republicans as well as many Democrats continue to steer this nation toward that abyss.

This nation has reached a definitive moment. Do we recognize the plain fact that our government has become so corrupt and self serving and ignore the warning signs that danger is lurking behind every piece of legislation that has surfaced. It is time this nation wakes up and realizes what has been occurring within this nation has only accelerated Americas decline. There are answers to the many problems facing us and the world today. What we have to realize is that those answers will not be easy but are right within our grasp. We can achieve a 3% unemployment rate with those employed receiving real living wages, reduce and even eliminate our national debt, restore our crumbling infrastructure, balance our trade, reduce our crime rates, restore global stability and finally apply the technologies that will eliminate the effects of what global warming is doing to our planet. We have the ability to do all these things today. The choice is up to all of us.


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