Lying and Deception from Washington D.C.

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Our political leaders and especially the President, continue to find new ways to decieve us. Even though the media and pundit bloogers wll most likely find the truth or contradiction by the next day.

I Can Change My Mind

I am writing this in extreme anger. After hearing the newest thrashing to the consitution by our ever devoted public servants we call, Senators. For those that don't know, they changed the rules of confirming a presidential nominee from a 2/3 majority to a simple majority. Meaning they just need 51% to get a person nominated. Now this wouldn't be an issue except some people who are nominated don't deserve to sit on the panel of American Idol, much lest decide cases in the Supreme Court. What bothers me the most, is that President Obama said he was alright with this new rule change. Well why shouldn't he be, they are his nominees, but go back to 2005 and listen to then Senator Obama, tell of the problems that this very same rule change, when proposed by the Republicans. He said it would lead to people being accepted who were not right for the job. Politics would figure very high in the process, because at the time, Republicans held the majority. So they could push anyone they wanted through to curry favor with then President George W. Bush. Now the shoe is in the other mouth, and he loves it.

I Will Not Tell...the Truth

I looked back at lies Presidents have told and found them to be many and not very creative. Mostly they were easy to prove as lies, which begs the question, what are they lying about that we havent fount out?
As I researched this I found lists of lies told by President Obama in the past 6 years and the lists reached a staggering 65 lies. Now some of those were campain promises he wasn't able to deliver on, and even though I believe these are unforgivable, they at least are understandable. He thought he could deliver something, but it turned out he couldn't. Shame on us for believing him or anyone who promises things that sound too good to be true. Remember, they probably are.

Abe Lincoln is Dizzy...From All the Turning Over in His Grave

So let's get to it. What has our leader mislead us on.
1) Total Transparency of Government.
I have one word...Bengazi, Healthcare reform, IRS profiling. OK, more like 5 words, but you get the point. This administration couldn't be more closed off if they were conducting business in an underground mine.
2) Healthcare Reform
If you like your healthcare plan, keep your plan...unless it doesn't meet our new standards, then it got cancelled. Also, the website being up and ready on October 1. It still is failing tests and its been 52 days. We really don't have to take the lowest bidder on everything, do we?
3) Bengazi
This one really pisses me off, because we let good Americans die, in a place that we shouldn't have sent our worst enemies. They were under attack, we had assets in the area and we let them die, because we left our assets where they were. Inexcusable. And Susan Rice would not be making these decisions on her own, someone higher up knew and they had to have told the President.
4) His Politics
This one is a bit complicated, but he is friends with some pretty radical people and organizations, but denies knowing them or being associated with them when they are exposed. Bill Ayers, Pastor Wright, ACORN, any of his "Czar" appointees, and cabinet members.

OK...I'm Done

Don't take my word for all this, just go online and type in "Obama Lies" in the search bar. You will see for yourself. Now before everyone thinks I'm a right wing nut job, Stop. I hate anyone that lies to a public that elected them and who they are supposed to be representing. I will always write about people who wrong us, the citizens of the USA. But right now our president deserves a closer look and you decide, is he really who we want leading us?


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author avatar Cristy
26th Nov 2013 (#)

You are brilliant. You should be writing for the Wall Street Journal

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
2nd Sep 2014 (#)

Are you as equally pissed off at Ronald Reagan for 249 marines being killed in those barracks in Lebanon? Are you as equally pissed off at George Bush for leading us into an unnecessary war with Iraq based on a whole string of lies? Wonder why you didn't include them in your article?

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