Mayweather Calls Out Pacquiao But Ducks Again with Unfair Fight Demands

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The boxing world’s most clamored fight between today’s two top cash cows of boxing fizzles out again. Floyd Mayweather Jr. whose selling point is his well-preserved undefeated slate and Manny Pacquiao who attracts millions of boxing fans around the world with his very entertaining and spectacular ring performances disappoint again for not making the fight between them happen. But, again, where it has gone wrong?

It seemed real at first.

It is going to be the Fight of the Century. Without the other, it won’t be the best fight ever it is perceived to be. No one between them is on top of the other in the boxing world’s opinion that is why the fight is the most clamored matchup and is predicted to break all-time live attendance and PPV sales records.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. taunted, dared, tweeted, called him names and called up Manny Pacquiao to give the impression that he really wanted to make the fight and disprove the allegations that he is the one avoiding the risky fight to preserve his zero-loss career. And seemed so real. This was the best and most convincing moment when Floyd called up Pacquiao and talked to him one on one and asked for the fight.

Mayweather may have thought Pacquiao is dumb enough to accept

Some news picked up Floyd’s earlier statements that it is Pacquiao’s promoter Bob Arum who is blocking the fight. But when Floyd asked Pacquiao to fight him, he offered an unfair and very discouraging demands – he will guarantee Pacquiao a $40 million purse but all profits from the pay-per-view sales goes to him. Pacquiao’s adviser Michael Koncz reported that Floyd also asked for a deal that everything that was talked about with Pacquiao not be divulged to the media. With Floyd’s humiliating and pride-swallowing demands, Pacquiao immediately turned it down and counter-offered a 50-50 share in the purse and PPV sales. Floyd said that can never be and hanged up. Floyd disrespected the one-on-one talk with Manny with a take-it-or-leave-it and no-counter-offers talk. It seemed Floyd thought Pacquiao is so dumb that he can easily make him accept his unfair demands – no ifs, no buts – without passing through Manny’s promoter. Did Floyd call up Pacquiao thinking it will be easier to convince him with his unfair demands? Or Floyd is just making sure that if he ever loses to Pacquiao, he is financially secure for the rest of his life? Very unlikely.

Just a ploy? Unfair demands orchestrated not to make the fight?

Or was it just Floyd’s ploy to get the world sports media’s attention to promote his booked May 5 fight with someone else? If this is the truth, it seemed to be a very clever marketing stunt. Aside from Pacquiao, Floyd has no other saleable opponent that can equal his matchup with Pacquiao. The boxing world is mainly at the perception that it is Floyd who is avoiding the fight with Pacquiao. With the stunt, he attempted to give the impression that it is Pacquiao and Arum who are avoiding him. Floyd offered hugely unfair demands so that it will be Pacquiao turning down Floyd’s dare to fight. Did Floyd just use his verbal negotiation tussle with Pacquiao again to promote his next fight and to make it a bit more exciting? Time and again, Floyd drags Pacquiao’s name to market his fight with opponents subservient to his unfair demands.

Floyd’s unfair and humiliating demands

Mayweather offered Pacquiao a $40 million purse guarantee but profits for the Pay-Per-View sales shall all go to Floyd’s greedy pocket. It was a humiliating and unfair offer from Floyd.

Floyd’s monetary offer is downgrading aside from his other unusual, unfair and advantageous demands:

1 – Olympic-style blood testing. Floyd is so used with the Olympic-style testing procedures for he was an Olympian while Manny was not. It will be the first time for Manny for such unfamiliar procedures that will somehow give some distractions in training – emotionally and physically. The blood testing shall be conducted by Floyd’s countrymen that for every blood sucked out from his body by American doctors, it will be like Floyd doing it for him. It is mentally distracting. The demand is also very malicious for before Floyd asked for it, he and his family already accused Pacquiao of drug-use in the world media.

2 – Floyd wants the fight on May 5. He is dictating when to fight. Floyd wants to be in control. One wonders what his reason for choosing the venue is. Xylocaine? Some hidden agenda within the place? Why is he so attached to the location when there are better choices?

3 – Floyd wants to fight at the venue of his choice – the MGM Grand. Pacquiao’s promoter thinks it is not a good choice for it is a small venue for a fight of this magnitude – money-wise and legacy-wise. This fight should be historic in all aspects.

4 – Floyd wants the defamation case against him by Pacquiao dropped. He defamed, downgraded and humiliated Pacquiao with his baseless accusation of drug use. Pacquiao suffered and agonized with the negative effects of that accusation for two years now. Floyd called Pacquiao names in the world media. He made racist remarks against Pacquiao’s proud countrymen. Now he wants the case dropped and make Manny swallow his pride in exchange for a $40 million dollar fight.

Pacquiao’s only unusual but fair demand

Manny demanded a million dollar penalty for every excess pound Floyd puts on the day before the fight which is based on Floyd’s recent fight for his failure (to follow the agreed upon weight when he fought the smaller Juan Manuel Marquez whom he forced to bloat physically. Floyd was penalized with a small cash penalty. The weight discrepancy is so huge that Floyd won an easy fight.

Pacquiao is also putting his legacy on the line. If Floyd wins, he sits on top of all of Manny’s hard-earned accomplishments, record-breaking feats, honors, accolades and national pride. Both are top cash cows of boxing. There will no fight of the decade and record-breaking sales without the other. It is an equally shared momentous and historic Fight of the Century. The event will be exciting because Floyd is fighting the most exciting fighter in the world – Manny Pacquiao.

Pacquiao camp’s mouth-watering counter-offer divulged

Manny’s adviser Michael Koncz broke his silence on what transpired at the end of the latest negotiations which Mayweather want to be kept secret. According to him, he and Floyd communicated several times. Now Koncz, angry at Mayweather for giving a wrong picture to what really happened, divulged that Pacquiao and Arum made a last counter-offer to Floyd with a whopping $50 million prize guarantee for him and a PPV 55/45 split with the winner taking the 55 cut. This is very fair and the 55-45 PPV offer will make the fight very exciting. If Floyd thinks he can easily beat Pacquiao so there is no reason to turn down the mouth-watering offer.

Mayweather fighting a Pacquiao leftover

Floyd turned it down and decided to fight a Pacquiao leftover in battle-scarred Miguel Cotto. Now Cotto’s millions of countrymen had no choice but to buy the fight with Mayweather hoping for a miracle despite being shortchanged and at the losing end.

He’s been criticizing Pacquiao for fighting his leftovers without mentioning the fact that he avoided the fights with the other fighters Pacquiao fought at the most clamored moment and at their prime.

Floyd dared Pacquiao to fight him but made sure the fight will not materialize. He is again obviously promoting his next fight with another opponent under the shadows of the most exciting fighter in the world Manny Pacquiao.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. just played with Manny Pacquiao.


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author avatar Jules Castillo
24th Feb 2012 (#)

thanks for this very nice article..

I am a Filipino and I don't like that attitude of Mayweather... ..

i wish he loses to Cotto...

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author avatar sandy72300
29th Mar 2012 (#)

i really like this article. i hope mayweather can read this. hahaha!

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