McGregor vs Siver: Highlights and the Prelude to the Vegas Match

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UFC 182 succeeded in delivering a match that expressed clearly enough that Conor McGregor is back. After an ACL injury forced him to the sidelines, he came back with a vengeance.

Straight to the top managed to give a blow-by-blow account of the match that occurred. It then became apparent that McGregor’s comeback match is with a fellow striker, Dennis Siver.

The match started off with an exchange of kicks starting with a wide spinning kick from McGregor that misses on the first attempt. McGregor tries again and hits the thigh, the same part that got hit when Siver kicked him back. As the report progressed, it became evident that McGregor is a lefty with most hits coming from fast lefts:

Jumping switch kick from McGregor is blocked but he peels off a clean left hand, has his supporting leg chopped out by a kick, and gets up to land another left. Siver glances with another counter left. Now a right body kick and left front kick from Siver to keep McGregor at bay. McGregor steps in for a knee, smashes Siver with a straight left that knock his mouthpiece out and then pressures with a left high kick. McGregor pops right back up. Another left cross and high kick find the mark for McGregor, then he doubles up on hooks to the body. McGregor catches a kick and tosses it aside to land more punches, and them bombs away with another flurry to close the round.

Second round kicks off with McGregor’s left high kick to Siver, followed by a quick straight left. Siver attempted a takedown, a weak one that McGregor managed to stuff. Another straight left to Siver and Siver is down. McGregor goes for the killing mount, stopping only when the referee stops him, declaring the fight to be over. Conor McGregor wins by technical knockout on the second round with the time remaining at 1 minute 54 seconds.

At the post-fight press conference , McGregor admitted about expecting the win but slightly changed the game plan to enjoy his comeback. “I want to defeat and although I felt the ten-minute-mark and this is where I truly felt the lead. On the day and a couple of days before, I was thinking ‘I am not gonna rush this’. I don’t need to rush this. I wanna ... I wanna spend more time in there.”

Right after winning the match, McGregor was captured on camera jumping over the fence to get in Jose Aldo’s face. It was in the post-fight press conference where it was confirmed that he will be the next fighter that McGregor will be booked against. UFC President Dana White confirmed that the match will take place in Vegas on May 2015.

While McGregor was happy about fighting in Vegas, he was blunt in giving his 2 cents about the things he didn’t like about Jose Aldo. In fact, he managed to say his piece to everyone that claimed that he was all talk.

“I’m fresh. I’m absolutely fresh - back-to-back-to-back KOs off of the biggest injury of my career, you know, people seem to think it’s all talk. You have rookies ...pussies making these little videos ... Think of the amount of effort he went to make that stupid video and then Jose making these posters and all. They all think it’s all fun and games. I’m not playing here. And now, now it’s time. Now we have, now we have a location. Now Jose is next in line. And he will be the next one to land. That it’s not all talk. And it’s no joke. Dana says I should respect his affection of the game. He made mistakes in the past. We hear his steroid abuse. And I respect him at the end of the day. He’s had more UFC fights that I’ve had fights. But he was another one. He’s all talk. He’s all’s a joke. I don’t know what the fuck is he saying. This is not, for me, this is not a joke. I’m not messing around here. I said I was gonna kill everybody in the featherweight division. Now we have one man left.”

And that man happened to be the champ himself, Jose Aldo. The same clip that shown how McGregor went the extra mile in jumping over the fence just to taunt Aldo was the same clip that Combate, UFC’s partner distributor in Brazil, used in hyping up the match. They made it look like it was McGregor running away from Aldo. Expect another word war on social media between the two fighters and their respective rabid fans as well.


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