Meaningless punishments for crimes

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How is justice served if a criminal is given meaningless punishment? By that I mean, if a person gets 10 years imprisonment for one crime, and 100 years (?) imprisonment for another, how can we even think that crimes will stop?

I watch crime patrol, and Savdhaan India - India fights back

These programs are based on true crimes happening in the country. One of the members on Wikinut mentioned that a lot of noise is being made by media about rapes and other crimes. Such things happen even in the west. But that should not be used as an excuse to let those crimes continue to survive here. I am convinced based on the cases that are shown on Crime Patrol and Savdhaan India television programs, that we need to find solutions, and if it means brainstorming, why not?

And I noticed that punishments were ridiculous

Whoever lives for 100 years? And will a 94 year old "Nazi" book keeper live for another 4 years? Or for that matter we give punishment of 10 years to a young man in late twenties who uses his wife as a sex object for getting favors from some senior officials, but a 70 plus year old man gets 25 years for something more grave. I thought the object was to stop crimes. Now, after the term, the now nearing 40 years of age man can continue to commit crimes, but the 70 years old man will bid the world goodbye in near future. How is justice served?

Some terms run concurrently

A person who rapes is given 7 years, and he also receives 5 years term for destroying evidence. But if both punishments run concurrently, he gets no punishment for destroying that evidence, right?

And monetary punishments do not increase as per inflation

But taxes do, and so do tariffs and toll charges. Effectively, we punish the law abiding citizen more than those who do not. Isn't it? Does this happen in your country as well? How can monetary punishment remain stagnant for four or five years or ten years at a stretch? After five years, the guy is going to feel that is not much. Let me pay and be done with it. Secondly, the monetary punishment is not sufficient to serve as a deterrent. I know this point has been debated and it is suggested that law enforcers will become corrupt. But they are corrupt even otherwise!

I am for rewriting constitutions and law books

Section by section, provision by provision, to make them relevant with contemporary scenario. I know there are silly rules even in law books of the US. I came across one in which traveling to a place was legal, but returning from that place was illegal. I guess it was a typing error, but perpetuated over several years. Or perhaps, there were laws for preventing diseases from being transmitted, or political ideologies from being shared. Whatever be the reason, in these days and times, those laws do not make sense.

I am also for some sort of uniform laws

That will help international travelers who may not know many laws and rules in a country. Law and religion should be strictly divorced. If you want to be part of any international community these are the standard laws and rules applicable to your country as well. Otherwise, be prepared for physical isolation. Right thinking folks from across the world should be prompted to voice their views on any existing laws, their drawbacks, problems with them, etc., and provisions should be amended accordingly. Merely giving Nobel Peace price to folks like Kailash Satyarthi is wasting their potential. They have a lot of potential in them, which can make not only India, but the entire world a better place.


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author avatar Ptrikha
17th Jul 2015 (#)

Yes a lot of laws need to be amended and rationalized, but we also need to sensitize people and the whole society as a whole needs to be better morally.

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author avatar vandana7
17th Jul 2015 (#)

Sensitizing is a complex concept. You can tell a child not to lie, but when the need arises, chances are he would do it, if there is no punishment accompanying that lie which pinches.

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author avatar Althea
18th Jul 2015 (#)

There are punishments that needs to be enforced while there are those that needs to be changed.

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