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The former Republcan Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich is trying to see if he wants to throw his hat into the ring to be the Republican nominee for president in 2012.

The New Newt is in the house.

If you have been watching the news lately, you may have seen the former Republican Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich making the rounds, granting interviews. The latest one being on Pat Robertson's Television show, testing out his theory apparently that if you dump all your garbage out in the beginning, people will surely forget about it by the time you are running for president in 2012. That is, should you decide to run.

Mr. Gingrich has not formally announced that he will be running as yet, he has set up an exploratory committee and a website to test the waters to see if he can have a viable candidacy for the Republican nomination for president. In the meantime he is telling those who will listen that he was so passionate about working for his country that he did things in his past that he should not have done. Mr. Gingrich has two ex-wives and is currently happily married to his third wife who he is said to have cheated with, while still married to his second wife. But that he believes God, though He might not understand him has forgiven him and he is grateful for His forgiving nature or something to that effect.

Mr. Gingrich is said to have treated his first wife with distain and divorced her, then married his second wfe who became ill. While she was ill reportedly Mr. Gingrich engaged in an extra-marital affair which resulted in him divorcing the second wife in order to marry the third wife who was the other woman. The second wife was reportedly still ill at the time. He petitioned the Catholic church to have the second marriage annulled so that he could marry the third wife in a Catholic ceremony.

At the time of these interesting things occurring, President William Jefferson Clinton was been charged with various things which included having an affair with Monica Lewinski and lying about it. Newt Gingrich was front and center helping to lead the charge to impeach Mr. Clinton for his supposed immoral acts. Can you spell hypocrite?Although Mr. Gingrich says it was more about Mr. Cinton lying under oath than the affair. Of course the little things that Speaker Gingrich was involved in were in the dark, not until later when the revelation came out about his affair did he put on a good face, pack up his things and with a little push from his own party resigned from the speakership.

Well now he's back without an apology, looking for the American people, namely the Republican party faithful to understand that he is only human, and that he was so involved in his job as Speaker, working so hard that he did not treat his family as well as he should have. He is now in a devoted relationship with his third wife Clarissa and he is quite happy, with lovely grandchildren.

On the scene as well is his second wife who reportedly has a few things of her own to say and so it will be the battle of the scorned second wife against the passionate man who loved his country so much that he threw his wife to the curb while she was still in her hospital bed. I ask you, is that not a patriotic soul? He is a changed man if you listen and believe the new Newt.


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author avatar mountainside
15th Mar 2011 (#)

Hi linlijun, Would you please do me the favor of not using my article comment space for your advertisements.
I find it quite rude for you to just type up your ads without any thoiught as to how someone who took the time to write the article and want people to read and comment on that article in the space provided which you are taking up with other stuff would feel about it. You dropped in, didn't read and then you post.. Please do not do this again. I find it distasteful to say the least. Thank you.

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author avatar Denise O
20th Mar 2011 (#)

It is a pain huh Mountain, sorry the fool hit ya but, apparently wikinut took the message off, good.
Now about Newt, I have as much respect for him as I do Bill Clinton which is, none!
They both are selfish humans and I wish they would both get off the stage. I doubt there will be any running I will happily endorse, if I go by what is out there that is. It is hard being as I am, I am what they consider a compassionate consevative. Every political test I have come across on the internet, I land smack dab in the middle of the far right and far left. I think the fall of the US will come from them. I will not be voting Obama that's for sure but, I have no pony in this race, so far. Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Artur Victoria
20th Mar 2011 (#)

Hi mountainside
Very good one!

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author avatar mountainside
20th Mar 2011 (#)

..Hi Denise O, Yes, glad they did that. Newt is a special kind of guy, very smart with no common sense. I think the GOP faithful will stop him before he wastes his money. As for choosing in the next election I will be picking a winner. Thanks so much for stopping by.

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author avatar mountainside
20th Mar 2011 (#)

...Hi there Artur, Glad to see you. Thanks for your nice comment. Take care.

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