Meet the bad guys: Malman Uys and Muyz, evil madmen bent on taking over the world!

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So who are the bad guys in EENDAG?

It is here where we would like to make you aware of two characters, Malman Uyz and Muyz.

Meet the bad guys: Malman Uys and Muyz, evil madmen bent on taking over the world!

Malman Uys is the enemy of Barend Sweefarend, Kevin's grandfather. Malman Uys has only one dream, and that is to control the entire world, and once he has succeeded, an ever increasing part of the universe too.

Malman Uys succeeded in discrediting and thereby destroying Barend Sweefarend entirely, making sure that his plans for creating a new world under his control continue unencumbered.

To make sure that his legacy and plans continue after his death, he is training his grandson Muyz in the art of evil.

And so, we open our video novel to a page where we can see Malman Uys' evil flying craft making its way through the skies. Thunder and lightning emphasize that this flying craft and its inhabitants have an evil aura around them.

Inside, Malman Uys has been taking a phone call. He is rather pleased with what he is being told. He hangs up and calls out to his grandson.

Muyz doesn't come quickly enough to his liking. As a young child, Muyz still isn't taking any plans of world domination very seriously, so Malman Uys screams impatiently at him.

Muyz finally does come into the cockpit with Malman Uys, and Malman Uys informs Muyz that he has just been informed on the progress of Muyz's very own flying vehicle, a "vlar", or in English, "flar" - a flying machine that can also be a car, or more of a van. With this, Muyz can go out on his very own evil missions.

But for now, it is time first for another evil mission conducted by Malman Uys. "Feel the joy with me!", demands Malman Uys of Muyz. This is Muyz's cue to start laughing evilly with Grandpa, so that he's well practised in the art of evil laughing.

You can enjoy this scene, if you will not be to scared of it, by visiting and scrolling down to the video on


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