Mental fitness, ethics of Indian intelligence agency officials should be checked

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Checking mental fitness, ethics of intelligence agency officials in India to prevent corruption

Why the mental fitness,ethics of the all powerful indian intelligence agency officials should be checked periodically

The newspaper Business standard carried a story on how airline pilots are tested periodically for mental fitness after the crash of a German airlines due to a pilot who was mentally unsound. Recently for airlines operating in India, there was a fight between pilot and copilot, in another case the pilot slept and the copilot was too busy with the tablet,causing a flight problem. It also mentioned that Air India accepted only a third of the applicants for the pilot post, rejected most of them as they lacked the work ethic and mental toughness .

While physical fitness matters, work ethic, integrity and mental toughness are also important for a position of great power, with the lives of many people at stake. If the person does not have these qualities, they should not be given great powers, allowed to control expensive equipment or weapons. In India due to lack of accountability, intelligence agency officials are more powerful than politicians and other government officials.

Politicians may get voted out after 5 years, and a RTI or corruption case can be filed against all other government officials whose designation and activities are clearly defined. Knowing this loophole, intelligence agency officials in India, especially CBI, R&AW, NTRO are increasingly abusing their great powers to defame innocent people without any proof, steal resumes, retirement savings, correspondence, are involved in recruitment frauds, human rights abuses and are wasting a huge amount of Indian tax payer money for personal gain, greed and hatred.

Countries like UK and USA are also democracies, yet the intelligence agency officials in these countries like MI5, MI6, FBI, CIA, are accountable and officials do not shamelessly abuse their great powers for personal gain, greed or hatred. However in India a brilliant experienced single woman obc engineer from a top college has found that her shameless powerful classmates and others have stolen her impressive resume for at least 8 lazy mediocre inexperienced frauds to get all the these frauds lucrative jobs allegedly in R&AW.

Now all the correspondence of the obc engineer is being diverted to these frauds. However powerful, officials have no right to steal the resume of a brilliant obc engineer, for mediocre frauds who have cheated her, it clearly indicated the lack of integrity and professional ethics. However these officials continue to have great powers and the frauds they have recruited like riddhi siddhi, sunaina, nayanshree can be easily bribed as the brilliant obc engineer they have cheated cannot hold these officials accountable.

The security agencies, finance sector rely on the intelligence agencies for verification of identity and if known frauds are recruited it can damage the entire system as they will manipulate for personal gain. Like the airlines will review the mental fitness of their pilots periodically, the indian intelligence agencies should also review the personal ethics and integrity of their top officials who have very great powers. Instead of labelling an innocent victim of the intelligence agency officials who is complaining, as a trouble maker, they should introspect and check whether the complaint is valid.

Does every Indian intelligence agency official have the right to falsely claim that any woman he is infatuated with, half his age, was his experienced engineering college classmate, stealing the resume of his real brilliant obc classmate who he hated. Either the indian intelligence agencies should officially declare that seducing a powerful official will be enough to make a mediocre inexperienced lazy cheater woman an experienced engineer from a top college overnight and get her a job in R&AW or take action against the officials for abusing their powers for personal gain or hatred.

A honest review of the current system in indian intelligence agencies , acknowledging the loopholes which are presently exploited will ensure that India becomes a better place for all its citizens


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