Merkel Can not Lose Let Sarkozy Germany Got a Reason

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anywhere in the various states the election is something that should be elected by the people and this is the case with the French state now

Presidential elections in France

France is now entangled in the presidential elections that have a major impact for the future of the euro zone. The people got used to watching President Nicholas Sarkozy has been criticized severely in the history of the socialist Francois Hollande.

But on Tuesday, the country woke up to news that the figure is predicted to lose and erased all of a sudden the lead in the polls, at least in one poll.

A number of major media are ready to change at the Elysee, began turning to each other with doubt. In the first round, while the other candidates fight and elbow each other to win the top two positions, Sarkozy suddenly scooped up 28.5% of the vote. While Hollande following the Championship with 27 percent.

Presidential elections in France

Still forty days and eventually that leads election poll showed that a Sarkozy is still in the first place. "It was just scum," Sarkozy said, without excretion.

Could be a vote against Sarkozy bounce back because of an ambitious program which is used as a tax increase you are the Hollande.

Eelemen determinant is located at 75 per cent of tax revenue would be derived from the bosses, the rich, and leaders of major companies and banks. Cash, cheers went out among his supporters.

In the second poll, Sarkozy again defeated by only 45.5 percent of the vote while Hollande has 54.4 percent. Although, the first round of polls still give a beam of hope for Sarkozy.

Presidential elections in France

Sarkozy's role is not only to France since he has made Germany the French economic model, although the pattern that makes hot ass French workers. France is a close friend of Germany and has made a pact with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Merkel of course, concerned to protect its interests, by binding to the European budget balance in fiscal pact agreement. Fiscal pacts have been signed, but will be applicable in each country, when heads of state have endorsed the legislation.

While Hollande, has vowed to kick the agreement. Merkel also increase the stakes, he immediately menali three closest ally, Italy, the Minister Mario Monti, the Prime Minister of Spain, Mariano Rajoy and British Prime Minister, David Cameron.

They all come from the conservative camp and they felt they had di'skandalisasi 'by Hollande who want to plan merenegosiasikan fiscal pact. Although ironic, considering PM Cameron refused to sign the pact.

They do a verbal agreement to boycott Hollande. Their motto: do not give a chance. They also agreed to not receive Hollande when he had been to a third country. A crushing blow to the face at once dirty.


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