Miauli and the screaming bird

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Miauli the cat runs into a screaming bird sitting on the ground like a sitting duck. How dangerous!

Miauli and the screaming bird

Out on the open sea, a ship is sailing peacefully. On board, Miauli the talking cat is the captain and behind the steering wheel.

How he enjoys sailing across the world's oceans, always discovering new places, things and customs.

Now however, he is starting to run low on water and food supplies. Fear not however, as he sees an island on the horizon. He will go ashore there and stock up on the necessary provisions.

It is a beautiful island. Flowers are growing everywhere underneath lush trees, all sorts of colours and species. Island birds can be heard chattering all over the place.

Miauli walks around on the island, exploring it and taking in the beauty of the place. He is looking for a river or a stream where he can get some fresh water to take on board his ship. And if the vegetation is growing this lush, there indeed must be lots of water on this island. Miauli will just have to search for it.

While he is still waking around in awe of the beauty of the island, he spots something on the ground ahead of him. What is that? Looks like a blue and yellow furball or something.

He steps a little closer until he can make out that it's a bird. What is a bird doing on the ground? Shouldn't birds be flying high up in the sky and rest only in the branches of trees? Wouldn't it be very dangerous for a bird to be sleeping out here in the open on the ground like this where any animal can reach it?

Miauli asks the bird if everything is okay.

It is then that the bird awakens, and realises that it's a cat standing right over it. A cat! Whaaaaaa!!!

Immediately the bird starts making as much intimidating noise as it can, in a last effort to bewilder the cat. And indeed Miauli's ears are just about to explode! You can view the video of Miauli the sea captain running into this bird here.


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