Miauli the singing cat: Opening song

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And now, to meet the world's cutest, adorable singing cat, Miauli, singing the opening song for the Miauli show, along with his best buddy bird Veertjies and all the animals of Music Island!

Miauli the singing cat: Opening song

Miauli is a talking cat that used to be a sea captain, sailing along on his own ship across the seven seas, looking for adventure and new places to discover.

One day however, whilst looking for fresh water on an island, he meets a bird on the ground. The bird injured its wing and can't fly so good right now.

At first the bird thinks the cat wants to eat it, but of course who can think Miauli is a killing machine? Miauli only eats tinned cat food, low fat, no added ingredients.

Veertjies, the bird, tells Miauli that there is a magical island where all the animals can sing really beautifully.

And so, Miauli, always looking for adventures and new worlds, decides that he will take Veertjies there with his ship, so that he can see this wonderful island for himself.

And that is how they end up settling for a while on an island they really love: Music Island.

On Music Island Miauli and Veertjies shall have the best of adventures with all the great new friends they make there, most of which simply looooooooove singing! And can they sing really beautiful!

So, we start with this opening song below. We give you the lyrics for the fun of it. The English lyrics do actually fit onto the music, so feel free to try and sing along with the video.

Miauli and Veertjies live on Music Island
Came here on a ship, and then built a house
Miauli and Veertjies came to live with us
Because we sing so nice here and are always happy!
Miauli, Veertjies, Meowwwwwwww!! Tweet Tweet Tweet.

The video for this song can be viewed here!


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