Mike Huckabee a closer look!

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Indepth look into politics and beliefs of Mike Huckabee candidate for President of the United States in 2016.

Mike Huckabee a closer look!

It is the time again where we will have to look closely at candidates for the presidency and see who represents the values and ideas we share as Americans and chose the person who bests meets these expectations. This is a quest of sorts which is a very tedious and detailed process which is hammered out over several months in debates, public gathering, polls, state primaries and media inquiries.

One candidate whose principles stand in the forefront is Mike Huckabee, he is a multifaceted, compassionate conservative in the likeness of Reagan/Bush. Mike was Governor of Arkansas, a Baptist Minister, Author of several books, a departed talk show host of Huckebee on Fox News, and The Huckabee Report on Cumulus Media Network on radio, as well as an experienced public speaker and a skilled musician.

Many of his political positions are pure conservative such as defense of traditional marriage of a man and woman and considers it to be sacred. He is against gay marriage, abortion and believes in gun rights.

He also supports a strong defense and would be increasing from 3.9% to 6.0% of GDP to deal with the growing threats of the Middle east, China and re-emerging Russia as a military superpower.

He positioned on immigration and border security has been questioned by those who seek amnesty and liberal illegal immigration policies as being unrealistic. Mike supports an increase in border patrols, a wall for the border as well as requiring all 11-12 million unlawful immigrants be registered and go back to their country of origin to qualify for future citizenship. He also would increase the number of in work vistas for qualified foreign workers. He believes his proposals would slow the flow of criminals, gangs and drugs into the country.

However, it is his positions on Social Security, Taxes, and Trade policy that are his most distinctive, bold, principled and sets him out from the traditional Republican positions. Social Security is in need of repair it will run deficit and endanger fiscal policy in years to come. The deficit in this program is the result of years of diversion of its surplus to pay for other priorities such as war efforts, and to lower or hide the deficit. His fellow Republicans are for cutting benefits to seniors, setting a class warfare with retirees and younger workers and well as raising the retirement age. Mike Huckabee casts these positions aside and states this is not an entitlement, but an insurance or benefit program that workers have already forcefully paid into. Social Security is a promise that must be kept.

He supports a flat tax system moving the country away from the progressive tax system that penalizes savings, investment, and startups to one that will reward innovation and a new economy of growth.

Trade Policy also contrasts to his fellow Republicans who support free trade deals. Mike has stated he supports free trade but he believes they need to also be fair. He currently is against the Transatlantic Trade and Partnership agreement stating that it weakens national sovereignty, patent protection, environmental and workers rights as well as the ability to compete against foreign business. His fellow candidate Donald Trump agrees with Huckabee on this position in that we are signing trade deals for the sake of doing trade deals, which are bad for U.S. interests both economically, and from a national-security perspective.

Overall, Mike Huckabee is an excellent candidate who is addressing issues of high importance. He also has experience, knowledge, decision-making ability and a strong moral compass that will be important if the American people choose him to lead.


Mike Huckabee, Presidental Races 2016

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author avatar Retired
1st Nov 2015 (#)

You have not mentioned Huckabee's views on climate change - which demonstrate a wilful ignorance of the facts.

Nobody who denies the facts of climate change, and minimises any possible effects of global warming to "extra sunburn" should be allowed anywhere near the White House.

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author avatar James Partin
1st Nov 2015 (#)

Thank you John that may be a future article comparing all candidates views on that issue.

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
1st Nov 2015 (#)

Mike Huckabee, an unrecalcitrant homophobe, reminds me of a nineteenth century bible-thumping snake oil salesman. He is completely unqualified to be president.

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