Mind Boggling Genetic Engineering Sculpture

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An Australian sculptor artist named Patricia Piccinini love to make very unique, realistic, mind-boggling, provocative, fascinating sculptures. Because of her controversial artworks, some may think that her artworks are “disturbing” but some may see it as “masterpiece”.

Sculptures that looks like genetically modified

Patricia Piccinini is an Australian sculptor artist; she was born in Freetown, Sierra Leone in 1965. She’s a most well known hyperrealist-contemporary artist because of her works. Patricia Paccinini known by her works of art sculptures that mostly controversial. Her works of art sculpture looks so real, shocking, as if carrying people to think away and out from the boundaries. Some may call it “disturbing” but some may see it as “masterpiece”. The result of her works is very unique, realistic, mind-boggling, provocative, fascinating, until that it cannot be said. Paccinini use combination such as silicone, fibreglass and human hair as material for her work to make it look real.

In each of her works, Piccinini describes unusual forms of life, featuring a variety of mutant-like figures from a genetically modified (biotechnology–genetic engineering). The form of creatures that she made seems to open our minds because it appears to be real. In some of her work sometimes her unusual creatures sculptures juxtaposed with human-shaped sculpture that usually figure of Childs. Paccinini as if to convey a message through her imagination to the world about description of the controversy of genetic experiment that involved life especially human.


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