More diplomatic rows for indian diplomats likely in future

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Exploiting,cheating, lies, cruelty are "leadership" qualities in India, so diplomatic rows are likely

Indian diplomats mistreat staff due to culture and social norms

At present at least 40 Indian diplomats are involved in some kind of dispute regarding their staff according to media reports. Many of the indian diplomats are actually working for R&AW, India's external intelligence agency and should be approved by them . This is based on an interview with the RBI governor whose father Govindrajan was officially a diplomat, yet according to R&AW archives, a very senior R&AW official who would have headed R&AW if the Bofors row had not hit the headlines.

However, looking at the criteria for allegedly recruiting R&AW employees in the last few years, it appears that Indian diplomats are likely to be involved in even more controversies due to their complete lack of morals, ethics, humanity and honesty. In India and south Asia to some extent , cheating, corporate espionage can be a stepping stone to overnight powers, yet the diplomats are not going to change their mindset overnight, when they live in a western country.

Siddhi mandrekar, sunaina, nayanshree hathwar, riddhi and others like ruchika, asmita patel, veena have shown a singular lack of humanity and integrity, while achieving great powers overnight, with the help of their powerful cruel dishonest friends and relatives. For example the greedy cheater nayanshree has refused to reply to a woman who trusted and paid her a large amount, siddhi commited corporate espionage on a person trusted her, and ruthlessly falsely claimed she was doing all the work when she did no work at all, sunaina is a cruel dishonest liar,riddhi is a ruthless greedy lead thief, ruchika a blackmailer, veena, asmita patel are liars

Now all these greedy lazy dishonest cheater pampered women are diverting and stealing all the correspondence of the innocent women they cheated. Yet the indian intelligence agency officials consider these cruel inhuman dishonest women role models, who will represent India internationally and shower them with great powers. The whole world knows that Indians are great hypocrites, with rules changing according to the social status of the person they are dealing with.

Currently the diplomats involved in controversies are at senior position and people were definitely more honest and humane a decade or fifteen years ago, yet they face problems. However today the young women being recruited show a complete lack of morals, integrity and humanity so the indian government should be prepared for more international scams as these dishonest greedy cruel women and men are given more powers and represent the country worldwide,


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