Movie Review: Crank: High Voltage - What Were They Thinking?

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If you are the type of individual that needs to see a movie that is believable, and based on actual life events, then you most likely should not watch "Crank: High Voltage," starring Jason Statham.

Tremendous story

However, if you love movies that are totally over the top when it comes to act, story lines, dialogue, and an occasional porn star thrown in for fine measure, then this flip is not to be missed.
Our tremendous story begins with the hero being thrown out of a plane (helicopter). The enormous thud he makes on the land makes the late afternoon news, of course, but not before his corpse is scooped up and taken away in a van full with doubtful characters. When he wakes up, he is inside some terribly grimy hospital, and his heart has been stolen, and several gangsters are flicking cigarette ashes into his upper body cavity.

Discover his real heart

He comes to, only to discover his real heart has been switch out by a false one. It is exposed that the hero has a surprisingly forceful heart, and is required after by the manager of a mean Chinese gang in Southern California. So our leading actor has to not only discover his original heart, but he also has to locate someone to switch it out with the electrical one that has been fixed into him.
There's just one difficulty. His provisional heart is run by electricity from an exterior battery that gets damaged in an accident. So he must constantly give himself electrical shocks to remain his temporary heart from provide out on him. This, of course, makes for an incredible run after crosswise Southern California, as gangsters from all walks of existence must be battled.

The whole mission

Throughout the whole mission to discover his original heart, he is in steady contact with a friend of his, who happens to be an expert open heart surgeon, even though we find out he has had his medicinal license taken away owed to some unlucky accident that happened with an ex girl friend of his. But even so, we trust that formerly our leading actor locates his original heart, his friend will be able to swap it out with the false one.
We have the finishing battle, which contain our leading actor, two competitor gangs, and a gangster’s head that is being reserved living in jar. In a frantic effort to zap his heart, he almost kills himself through electrocution, and bursts into conflagration. The surprise is tad bit on the tough side, and he rapidly bursts into flames. In the meantime, his assistant successfully gets his original heart, and his friend, the shamed heart surgeon try to re-establish him to fitness. Will he succeed? The only method to discover out is to rent this incredible DVD, before it's too delayed.


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author avatar Jerry Walch
21st Jul 2010 (#)

My wife would hate this movie but it sounds like a must see for me.

Great write up.

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author avatar Retired
21st Jul 2010 (#)

A great review Emmy, but this movie might be a little too high voltage for me:) But good article:)

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author avatar TheMovieScene
23rd Oct 2010 (#)

Like with the first Crank, it's not my sort of movie, to over the top for my liking, but if I ever got a chance to watch it at no cost then I would for a bit of mindless fun.

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