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Sometimes topical, sometimes not, sometimes relevant, sometimes not. Always done with the with getting people to think, and if they chuckle a bit that's good too.

The Most wanted unwanted heathcare ever

Make no mistake Americans want affordable healthcare with choices and options, our elected officials, well really our elected President says hell no I will mandate the plan and you will love me for it, in fact if you don't sign on I will fine you $1000 per person. Well MR.PBO make no mistake about this HELL NO, WE THE PEOPLE just don't think so. Number one, why in Gods' green earth do you think the government is remotely capable of running and administrating it. I guess the stellar job that Washington has done with Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare, In the last 3 years alone Medicaid and Medicare have lost $30 billion in fraudulent and wrongfully issued payments, hey cowpokes why don't you get this fixed before you come to us with our hat in your hand for our money......I know it is only around 1 trillion dollars you want and need, but hey before ya flush it at least let us watch it swirl into our public sewer system. I am going to give you this little tip Mr.PBO the Good Lord gave you one mouth and two ears, do the math.........listen and listen closely you have got to stop with the I wants, this is not about you, we do not really care about your legacy, we just want to make sure that we have our legacy, long after you and I are gone there will still be WE THE PEOPLE, one mouth two ears listen, listen,LISTEN....


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author avatar D in The Darling
24th Dec 2010 (#)

There's lot's of passion in your voice! Good luck and thanks for sharing!

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