Muslim Migration to Europe

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There is a wave o Muslims migrating to Europe for a better future. It looks sad and pitiable, but the end result will be disastrous.

The invasion of Europe and Doom

There was a photograph of a 3 year old boy lying on beach. Obviously the boy had drowned while trying to cross the sea from his native land to settle in Europe. There was much talk of "responsibility of European nations" for this tragedy. The picture was indeed heart rending and I also felt bad on seeing it.

The problem is however not simple as this massive migration of Muslims to Europe can have terrible repercussions. This migration from the arc of the Muslim world from North Africa to the Middle East, is because of the extremely disturbed conditions. There is war, murder and rape galore and no food to eat. This is because of an incestuous battle Shia and Sunni Muslim sects on one hand an progressive and obscuring forces, who want to revert back to the 6th century. The Muslims are looking for a safe haven an at this tie they will agree for anything.

Unfortunately the very nature of Islam which does not accept integration or plurality of faiths is the real danger. These very Muslims now pleading for living space will in due course Gang up against the very nations who will give them shelter. This is the Muslim story all over the world. Look at any nation and one can see that Muslims never integrate with the society they migrate to. France is an example where a host of terror attacks are engineered by local French Muslims.

The European nations will be taking Muslims at their own risk .As it is, the EU economy except Germany is in shambles and one wonders how they will provide jobs to Muslim migrants.

The bigger problem is integration of Muslim migrants. This won't happen and the EU residents must gird up their lions for the danger ahead.


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author avatar Joginder
8th Sep 2015 (#)

Great post that hits nail on head

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author avatar Carol Roach
9th Sep 2015 (#)

All I will say is that I don't agree with. Not all Muslims are terrorists, only 2 percent

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