Needless death of miners in Turkey

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I am saddened and shocked the miners in Turkey were neddlessly killed by an explosion in Soma mine. These deaths should never have happened and we need to stand together and tell the industry in countries like Turkey, China, Romania, and others that there is no amount of coal worth a human life.

What is the difference?

I have been an underground miner for the past 21 years and I work around the hazards and the danger, knowing that I could die in the coal mine. I also know that I probably won’t because I have a large amount of tools to prevent my mine from blowing up or catching fire. I am an American miner and there have been many before me that died and many after me that fought for the rights of miners that made the industry change and become safer. We now have meters, AMS (automatic monitoring systems), standards for dust and gas ventilation and dust suppression that allow me to feel like I’m doing everything possible to avoid an explosion.

Why it is allowed.

These poor souls in Turkey, at the Soma mine did not have to die. They were working for their families and for a living because mining is a job that requires warm bodies to sweat and toil in the depths of the earth. As long as they need people, people will work there. It does not allow these companies to ignore basic safety and health standards that can cheaply and easily be monitored. There is no excuse in the 21st century that companies should ignore the safety of their miners. In an automated mine, there is far less need for a large workforce, but in the underdeveloped countries, like China, India, and Turkey large workforces are the cheapest way to get coal out of the mine. The problem is, the more people running around a mine, the greater the chance that someone will do something or not do something that will endanger the mine and the miners inside.

Pray for those missing and dead

The people in these countries and in this country too, need to stand up and denounce the horrific treatment of miners and the conditions they must work in. We need to hold the mining companies accountable, like the government did in this country in the 60’s and 70’s. Only with pressure will these companies improve their safety and health standards, bring their mines into this century and find ways to keep the people safe that make them money. In the US back in the 1910’s, we used to kill 1500-2000 miners a year because of this same attitude. If they die, more will take their place. Miners are a precious resource and the companies and governments of these countries need to see that and act accordingly. My heart and prayers go out to the families and friends of those still unaccounted for, may god see them into heaven and may this event be the last event of its kind.


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21st May 2014 (#)

Good share of info

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author avatar vellur
13th Jun 2014 (#)

It is very sad that they had to die. Safety measures must be in place so that precious lives of miners need not be lost. My prayers for them always.

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13th Jun 2014 (#)

My prayers are with those people and their families

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