New alcohol laws in Britain

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I will speak about the new laws coming into place soon about binge drinking in the UK.

Whats the problem?

Apparently there are too many alcohol related crimes and too many admissions to hospital which are influenced by alcohol. Either it being drunken assault or just plain and simply being too drunk.

What standards are being put in place

Basically in stores for example Asda or Tesco they do deals like 3 crates of 12 cans for £20. Which I've invested in coming Christmas when the family come round. Although you are limited to just this deal you can't buy say 6 crates for £40. Just one serving per person. This will soon be illegal to tackle binge drinking. Also the 2nd standard will be the lowest price possible for beer. I've seen bottle of say Cider 2 litres £3 and im sure there are cheaper brands out there.

The positives

I can agree with the fact some brands are just too cheap and makes t accessible for anyone. Yet the price should not be hiked too much as it wouldn't make there reason to do this valid. I think it would make pubs a lot more money as licensed bars, restaurants, pubs and clubs all excluded form the standard. They can go on as they have doing as they do so now.

The cons

These deals only happen at times of celebration for example christmas or a week or 2 in summer. How can this be the cause of a years worth of criminal violence, really is stupid. It looks as if they are attacking the wrong group. These are for house parties, so how is it the blame for crimes that happen in your town centre and so on.


Overall i really do think this is a stupid procedure to be put in place, i personally think there is something behind this. Maybe somehow a way to get a bit more tax? Who knows..


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author avatar vpaulose
28th Mar 2012 (#)

Thank you Ellis for sharing your views. Requesting your friendship.

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author avatar Ellis
28th Mar 2012 (#)

Cheers mate, yeah sure :) hope to speak to you soon..

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author avatar Tini K
4th Apr 2012 (#)

I guess the Govt. has to be seen to be doing something about booze related problems. I live in a dry country, so the UK's new restrictions seem light in comparison to here (totally banned!)

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