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News and Nonsense: a Blog about what has happened this week in the news, with a little nonsense of opinion and ranting.

The Funniest Man on TV Right Now?

This week has been kind of a coming out party for Louis C.K.. He has been nominated for 2 Emmy's: Lead Actor in A Comedy Series and for Outstanding Writing For A Comedy Series for his Louie episode of "Poker/Divorce".
For those who haven't watched his show on FX, it's a mixture of his comedy stand-up and what has happened in his real life.
I love his show, stand-up and his acting. He has a very snarky view of the world, and his humor is very unique. So far the FX network has also marketed him and his show very well, which will help his popularity and perhaps the likelihood he will win the Emmy's.
But to the Question is Louis the funniest man on Television? I could argue that between him and Steve Carell are the two funniest TV actors. Though Carell is done on the Office, he has a very nice movie career going right now, with some good comical hits. So in a way this hands Louis C.K. the opportunity to take over as funny man and run with it for awhile.
If you want some further laughs check out Wilfred which plays right before Louie, this show has legs starring Elijah Wood and Jason Gann!

What is with Hollywood and Remaking Classic Movies!?

Hollywood must be scrambling for new ideas of movies as of late. Some of these so called "Blockbusters" are nothing more than remakes or spinoffs of movies that either we want to forget or shouldn't be touched because it would devalue the original.
This week's opening of "Conan the Barbarian" is prime example of why Hollywood Executives have lost their minds. It stars a man, Jason Momoa who is riding his Game of Thrones fame, that wishes he was half the guy Arnold Schwarzenegger is, and other actors and actresses who have no need to be involved in this movie. Not that I want to comment on how I think this movie will bomb, and yes I think you can obviously write a better script from the original, but if it wasn't for Arnold the movie wouldn't have seen daylight to begin with.
I can't speak for the new Total Recall because that movie might actually carry a crowd, and has actors in spots where you can see them in the roles. But aren't they remaking Snow White in 2 different versions? Let's be honest that's kind of ridiculous. Though I am partial to thinking that the remake of Fright Night, also opens up this week, looks promising but it's probably because no one remembers the original.
Regardless I am not that huge of a fan on Hollywood remaking Classics or even the garbage just to turn a profit, because of lack of originality. Get your life together Hollywood! So I can justify spending $20 on a 3D movie!

Sports News, Rich Felons, and the Universities that Accomodate Them.

I know more Sports, but what can I say it dominates my life. Let's start on the most controversial subject, The University of Miami scandal. The U has really put themselves into this time. A once storied football program where not only football stars but Hall of Famers have gotten their start from. The Sports Program has taking a further fall from grace, and not just from the previous stigma the U had carried.
72 athletes, coaches and maybe more were involved in illegal acceptance of "gifts" from Booster's not affiliated directly with The University of Miami, indicated in a report by Yahoo! Sports. Nevin Shapiro who was the supplier of the information to Yahoo! Sports about an 8 year run of violations, all while Shepard himself is serving a 20 year sentence in federal prison for a $930 million dollar Ponzi scheme.
Although the allegations are very serious, violations that include cash, gifts, prostitution, entertainment at nightclubs and strip clubs, parties at his mansion, yacht cruises and other benefits. Pretty big deal, and if the dreaded "Death Penalty" is handed down by the NCAA like in the famous SMU case I feel like it will be deserved. Not to mention Shepard might not have been the only so called "Booster" who has helped in these violations.

In other Sports news, I want to touch on the irony that is the Georgetown vs China's Bayi Rockets exhibition basketball game that turned ugly. For one it seemed that there was tension to begin with. From all accounts it was not going to end well, especially if you have players from the China team berating John Thompson III, the man is loved, especially from his team. Apparently after a few hard fouls and several exchanges that's when it got ugly between the two teams, and of course as it is with the times we live in, we can watch it go viral because of the internet, so the incident makes the teams look unprofessional.
The ironic tale to this story is that we aren't in the best relations with China socially as it is, with our Vice President in talks with the Chinese Government to ease tensions and improve relations. Seems like now he plays second fiddle to this incident, which really is not that big of deal because teams get into heated altercations all the time.

Lastly I want to talk about the Delonte West tale. In very humbling news, Delonte has gone from NBA star to allegedly applying to work at Home Depot. Wheter or not this is a true statement, it makes for a interesting story. The man has made millions and if he has to support himself and his family by working at Home Depot just to survive the NBA Lockout, then I almost feel sorry for him, almost. No one can say they always make the right decision, especially with money, but unfortunately neither has West. He has a past of getting into legal problems and has a known issue with being bi-polar.
He really could be venting because a Judge won't let him go overseas to play basketball, and has money but doesn't want to blow it? Who knows. One can say for sure that Delonte is a character, get the man a basketball so he doesn't have to cut lumber at his local Home Depot.

Thanks for Reading!! News and Nonsense will be an ongoing thing when I get around to finding stuff funny to talk about, as always Keep it Classy!


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22nd Aug 2011 (#)

Interesting stuff, Nick. Keep it coming.

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Nice one. Thank you for sharing.:)

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