No Intelligent Life In Washington

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Today the Republicans and Donald Trump have only intensified to a new low of intelligence in Washington.

No Intelligent Life In Washington

The language and the way our elected officials are behaving especially the present Administration many of us are thinking that old saying from Star Trek "Beam me up Scotty" ought to be "Beam me up Scotty because there is no intelligent life in Washington." Today, there are millions of people who have been questioning sanity of our Congress and President. No one in their right mind would advocate a first military strike against a nation who is just trying to assert itself on the world stage. Yet, we have some blundering members of Congress who say just that. Say what you will about North Korea, but, there is no justification for any military action without the uniform backing of all the members of the United Nations Security Council. Even then restraint is the better policy. It is as though these demigods of military brilliance on capital hill act like bullies in grade school during recess.

With the continued rhetoric spouting from Trump is further proof that our fearless leader is so ill equipped to handle any type of international crisis let alone domestic problems that are sill keeping millions of Americans languishing in financial and social deprivation. The divisive rhetoric spewing from Donald Trump is evidence enough to warrent physiological examination. Exasperating the insanity in Washington we have those wizards of political expediency, our Republican Congress, still trying to subdue the Affordable Health Care Act. This, at a time when there is already legislation presented to improve on the Affordable Health Care Act in the form of Medicare for All. A single payer health care proposal designed to cover every American with health care.

Questions keep occurring and the only legislator that has the courage to ask concerning questions at a time when our political process is anything but democratic is Senator Sanders. It has been for a long time now that our so called elected officials continually pass laws and issue mandates that are so contrary to the well being of the majority of citizens. Take for example, legislation passed that mandated the television industry force citizens to pay to watch TV programing. Before this piece of legislation was enacted the American public had access to free TV viewing but, now in order to have TV reception many Americans fork over mouthy payments just to be able to watch their favorite programs. All this did was put another unfunded mandate on the public of which the majority of Americas disapproved of this move any way. Today, when the majority of Americans favor a Medicare for all bill our Republicans continue to try to dismantle the only health care program that improved the availability of health care insurance for all. This, instead of working for the majority of Americans in passing the Medicare for all bill. The Republican led congress and even some Democrats are doing everything they can to stop the American public from having what other countries already have. That is Universal Health Care for all their citizens.

Even though the financial crisis of 2008 is behind us current economic conditions for millions of Americans remain quite the contrary to what the main stream media keeps reporting. Stagnate wages, pensions striped away, and under employment continue to drain the economic stability of the United States. Today, much of our economy is still being run much the same way as it was prior to the crash of 2008. The beneficiaries of our whole economy are not the majority of the public but the corporate world, the 1%, and our elected officials. It is congress though that continues to pass legislation for the sole purpose to keep the gravy train running for the mega corporations and the power elite. And, with Trump in The White House what was once a country that many other countries looked to in times if crisis now look with disdain. The American dream that so many aspire to achieve continues to wither and die on that vine of lost opportunities.

With mid term elections coming in a year already there is high power financing keeping the majority of the public subservient to the whims of Congress. A congress who continues to be bought by special interest groups and major corporations. The Republican party and Donald Trump have continued their onslaught to divide this nation. Actually today both parties are guilty of creating policies that completely ignores any regard for the general public. Total opposition toward the concerns of the majority of Americans continues. Today, what we are seeing is the general public's mistrust in our government has reached unprecedented levels. Compromise to work for the majority has never crossed the minds of our elected officials today. It was in the last century that was probably the last time Congress actually worked for the greater good of our country.

What is cause for real concern here is the fact their are still real similarities that parallel what happened in 1929 that lead to the Great Depression, the 2008 financial crisis, and what is happening right now today. That's on the economic front. Internationally, the saber rattling from Trump and members of congress toward North Korea adds to the insanity coming out of our capital. In addressing the economic crisis that is still occurring we find that one of the biggest indicators of continued economic uncertainty is that CEO's of major corporations continually reap rewards far exceeding what their companies have done or continue to do in spurring economic growth within the United States. There still remains the fact that the top 1% of the wealthiest individuals control over 96% of the nations wealth. With the greatest income disparity gap in history only getting wider proves once again the dysfunction and the insanity in Washington has only continued.

The United States has now the greatest and largest disparity gap between the rich and poor of any Industrialized nation. This is due to the economic policies that have transformed a once great middle class to an impoverished majority of citizens that continue to wallow in a continued cycle of economic decay. The indignation and contempt by our corporate world, our elected public officials, and the wealthiest 1% for the majority of Americans have rendered the United States almost incapable of restoring any semblance of economic stability. The continuation of current policies will only continue and grow the current inequality.

Internationally, those bloodhounds of political diplomacy, our Republicans and our "Fearless leader," continue to antagonize North Korea. At this juncture in history the United States is so ill prepared to mount any kind of offensive whether provoked or not. But, that doesn't matter to Trump. He continues to taunt the leaders of North Korea without the slightest regard for the sanctity of life. With this type of leadership in Washington today proves once again the insanity of the people we have in Congress and in the White House.

We have to remember now before it really is too late there are democratic principals that our Founding Fathers put forth in the Bill of Rights, The Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence. Today, they have become obsolete. Our own government has allowed our society to evolve into a level of inequality that has become grossly disproportional. The policies, the mandates, law and regulations imposed on the American Public in recent years has only exasperated the growing division and discrepancy in our society. With Trump in the White House only adds to the growing division in our society and the world today. Left unchecked not only by our elected officials but by the population of the United States will only encourage more encroachment by corporate America and government in totally eliminating the middle class and continue to exploit more of the American public.

The public must remember that in the Declaration of Independence their is mention of what the citizens have a right to do: "But when a long train of abuses and usurpation, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism; it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government and to provide new guards for their future security" In summary it was Thomas Jefferson's descriptive narrative stating that if the government tends to destroy lives, liberties, and the happiness of the people: It is the right of the people to alter or abolish it and establish a new government. Under current conditions the Government has evolved into a self perpetuating form that only encourages more of an apathetic attitude from the general public and has reduced this nations ability to stop the decline of our society which contributes to more of an apathetic attitude that is sweeping across America. As a nation the public has forgotten that the United States Democratic Republic can only exist and flourish through and by and educated, informed, and "participating" public.

Sadly, with Trump in the Oval Office and our brain dead Republicans in Congress have only intensified the growing division in our society. The Jefferson Prophecy is an inherited obligation for the people of the United States. This is something Senator Sanders is trying to fulfill with his our Revolution. Hopefully by next years mid term elections fundamental change will occur. That's if Trump doesn't ignite a war with North Korea and send the rest of the world ablaze in terror in the process. But, for now the insanity continues. "Beam me up Scotty there is no intelligent life in Washington today.".


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