No Veteran Left Behind!

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Veterans should not need for any medical care instead it should be provided to them immediately without red tape or any any type of hold-up. Our politicians are great for helping others who cry out for Americans to intervene. We need to think now "No Wounded Veteran Left Behind" when it comes to medical help. The politicians need to think "Boots on the Ground" when it comes to providing that help. It is their responsibility and action is needed immediately!

Time for Politicians to think "Boots on the Ground"

When the wars began it was “Boots on the Ground” and “No Man Left Behind”! Today we have wounded Veterans without proper medical care. It is about time that we started doing something constructive fast to help any Veteran who needs medical care. The politicians need to adopt the slogan “Boots on the Ground” and not leave a Veteran behind when it comes to medical care. There are quick solutions that could cover everyone who is in need. These are just my suggestions that I believe would help resolve the problem immediately and my intention is that others join in with their suggestions to enable a fast resolve for this problem faced by wounded Vets.

Large Hospitals Need A Veteran's Wing

First just as we have children’s wings in every major hospital why not start having a Veteran's Wing in all of our major hospitals. This would help Vets get the medical care they need immediately and for many it would be closer to their own home. Politicians “Boots on the Ground” for all of you! Since you are so great in taxing the public it is about time that you shouldered your fair share. Why not give 20% of your campaign money to help the Veterans? Just imagine how much money could go toward hospital and medical care if all that money you spent campaigning trying to convenience all of us what good people you are and how you want to help us went towards the medical care Veterans need.

Direct Speech for All Politicians

Yes, I am speaking to the Obama’s, Romney’s Bush’s, Clinton’s, McCain’s, Palin’s, and all others who spent millions of dollars just to run your campaign. You got this money from interest groups and donors who I am sure would be proud to know that you started a hospital wing for Veterans. Then in order to keep it going why not assess a 5% if not more tax from your wages not ours? This would insure that medical help would be on going. Now this means you would have to sacrifice your extra perks, vacation or frills but you could feel very good about what you have done. Since you send our men and women out to protect your possessions to insure your family wealth then it is high time you paid for it. We pay for it every day when our children sacrifice their lives for your oil wells, and business concerns. So there should never be “A Veteran Left Behind”!

College Students with Loans for Volunteers

Now the other part of this puzzle is the daily care needed by Veterans which could easily be handled by students who have college loans and are unable to pay it back. Many students are asking forgiveness on their loans. Instead of complete forgiveness let us require so much volunteer time. Those who are going into the medical field could do more of the necessary things for the patient under the guidance of nurses and doctors. If the nurses and doctors already have their degrees and are practicing but owe on college loans then they should be required to volunteer some of their time to the Veterans wing. Those students are going into other fields are still needed as volunteers.

Student Volunteers Needed

It would be very helpful for college student in other fields to volunteer to do things like help bring the Veterans to the hospital, deliver their mail and packages. Volunteers can read mail help take care of the children in the lobby while the parent is being examined. Help is needed to change the bed clothes, help a Vet get dressed or give a back rub. Other volunteers could take care of bed pans and assist in giving showers. There are a variety of duties that college students could do in order to help the wounded Veteran.

A receptionist at the desk, cleaning the floors, filing, computer data entry or someone to take vitals is a necessity that could be handled by volunteers. It would save on the cost of an employee and help the student to pay back on their student loan. There are many things that we could do to help our Veterans receive better health care.

Americans Stand-Up Let Your Voices Be Heard

Everyone in America today should declare “No Veteran Left Behind” and work hard to make it happen. When we all determine “Boots on the Ground” we get things done! We have done it in the past during other crisis and we can do it today! Let Us All Stand Strong for Our Wounded Veterans!


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22nd Jun 2014 (#)

No Wounded Veteran should ever be without proper medical treatment!
What can we do as Americans to help out?

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