Non consensual medical experiments on innocent civilians in India

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The shocking story of the cruelty, dishonesty of powerful fraud officials in India who are wasting indian tax payer money to conduct cruel medical human experiments on harmless indian citizens causing great pain, without the permission of the victim

Non consensual medical experiments on innocent human beings in India

Top Indian officials like to boast that India is a liberal democracy where all citizens have equal rights, yet in 2015, india is becoming like nazi germany will harmless innocent indian citizens being subjected to non consensual medical experiments causing great pain, memory loss, insomnia, making it difficult to lead a normal life, loss of money, theft of retirement savings, and denial of fundamental rights.

In most countries, human experiment are carried out only voluntarily and the people participating are compensated for the pain or damage to their health, risk taken and time wasted, Usually poor people will participate in these experiment.Shockingly in India , these experiments are carried on a harmless brilliant obc engineer who has studied in a top engineering college without her permission for more than 5 years. Though she is wealthy compared to most indian citizens, these shameless fraud officials have stolen her retirement savings of twenty years without a court order and are now trying to blackmail her to give up her impressive resume for the lazy greedy goan sluts who sleep with them,their lazy greedy mediocre cheater friends and relatives

Allegedly companies like Google, Tata, Paypal and others have bribed the cruel fraud indian intelligence and security agency officials to abuse their powers and waste Indian tax payer money to destroy her life for their corporate goals like destroying competition, acquiring talent and technology cheaply. The obc engineer has also received a notice from competition commission of india to be party to the case against google who may have bribed officials to defame, commit atrocities on harmless citizens to destroy competition

Indian citizens should be aware of the modus operandi of the powerful fraud cruel officials to destroy the life of innnocent harmless civilians. First these shameless officials will viciously defame the brilliant innocent obc engineer without any proof at all, Then her fraud mainly brahmin classmates will falsely claim that the lazy greedy mediocre goan sluts who sleep with them , diploma holder siddhi mandrekar, obc bsc sunaina, brahmin frauds goan riddhi, bengaluru cheater nayanshree hathwar, asmita patel, veena, ruchika and other lazy greedy frauds have the 1993 Btech EE degree of the brilliant obc engineer who is being tortured daily.

Additionally these shameless cruel fraud officials have also got all the cheater women faking the resume of the brilliant obc engineer lucrative jobs allegedly in R&AW, Now in addition to the cruel fraud officials, 8 greedy lazy cheater women with fake resumes and their associates are also wasting indian tax payer money to torture the harmless obc engineer, so that the fraud will not be exposed. The harmless obc engineer has changed her residence three times in more than 5 years in different states , yet the cruel animal like officials attacking her, are completely lacking in humanity and honesty

Bribed by the cruel fraud corporates, these officials are trying to see how much losses they can cause the innocent harmless woman, making it impossible to work during the day or night, using invisible radiation weapons to cause great pain. She is also not allowed to sleep at night or day as radiation levels in a room are increased to a very high level, making it difficult to be productive . When the internet connection will be used, the pain will be particularly severe, adversely affecting a domain investor who has already invested a large amount online and now finds it difficult to connect to the internet

These officials are extremely vicious frauds, falsely claiming that the business of their victim belongs to the lazy greedy goan sluts and other cheaters to defame the hardworking obc engineer and to justify the atrocities she is being subjected to. Due to the lack of scientific temper in India they know that their torture victim will find it difficult to get help in India. Already no firm is willing to supply radiation meters to measure the radiation levels at different locations which could be used as proof of the atrocities

Complaining to the National human rights commission, various central government departments in India has not helped the torture victim, due to the resume theft fraud by these cruel fraud officials. Documenting the details of the daily torture appears to be the only way people are aware of the atrocities on the harmless civilian and online exporter. However, the local police, detective and on forums, the harmless brilliant woman engineer has been told that she is being subjected to a cruel human experiment without her permission, causing her great pain and suffering.

If any human rights abuses organization can help the innocent victim, please post your details as almost all her correspondence is being stolen by the cruel officials committing human rights abuses and their fraud associates. It is time that the officials publicly justify their atrocities in an open debate.

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